I rock! :)

The last couple of posts I’ve been writing about my frustration in finding qualified candidates for our sales positions.  We have posted several job ads with little response.

Well this morning my business partner was saying how it has to be rewritten, so I told him I’d write something and post it.  I completely revamped the entire ad, made it much longer and made it sound a lot more attractive.

The ad was posted at 11:30am this morning and by 1:30pm we already had 7 resume submissions, most of which are good qualified candidates.  We are going to start calling them later this evening but I couldn’t be happier.  If we can get 5-7 people in our next training class I’m going to be stoked!  Right now it’s looking like we will have our training class sometime next week.

So hopefully throughout the remainder of the week we’ll get more submissions and continue to invite sales reps to our training, and by Monday I want to have our second training class.  I’m going to feel much better about our business and situation once we have 5-10 reps out in the field all submitting deals.  Right now we have 1 guy and we definitely need more.

There is power and strength in numbers, so the more the merrier.  Also I know that no matter how well we qualify these candidates and train them, there will be some fall out, so the key is to hire more people than are actually needed with the expectation that a couple are going to drop off.

I was also able to finally get in touch with the guy that’s handling my grandmother’s estate.  I mentioned this briefly in the past, but she had left both me and my sister 10k when she passed away (which was over 2 years ago) and we still haven’t received anything.  When I spoke to the individual who is handling everything, he said October 15th is the date he’s trying to get it done by.  Realistically I’m expecting it to be paid out by the end of October or sometime in November, but at least I have a date now!  I really could use that money so it was definately good to hear that.

All in all, today has been a great day thus far.  I had a good workout this morning and the response from my job ad really put me in a great mood.  I also spoke to my sister briefly and she’s doing well along with my niece and nephew.

We’ll see what happens after we talk to these people tonight!

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