Ups and downs, highs and lows – it’s the journey that counts

I’ve heard from so many different successful businessman and entrepreneurs that the journey of starting a new venture and building it into something great is the fun part, so cherish it while it happens and roll with the punches.  The end result is the money, but once you have the money the journey is pretty much done.  I think that’s why so many business owners that I know will never retire.  They simply move from one business to another because that’s what they enjoy; the action.  The money it produces is merely a byproduct.

This past week I was feeling off about everything and I know it had to do with the fact that things were slow while we were interviewing potential employees.  When you aren’t doing anything all day your mind has a tendency to wander which can be bad in some cases.  Things initially took off like a bat out of hell then everything stopped, and it wasn’t because we were doing anything wrong it was simply that we could not do anything until we interviewed and hired our sales guys.  I can’t force people to submit their resume’s so I’m basically at the mercy of our job advertisement and the response it draws.

Case and point; we’ve gotten about 7 or 8 resumes total and we’d say 3 of them are ideal candidates for the job.  2 we talked to and are very excited about the opportunity.  There was 1 other but we left him a message and sent an email and have yet to hear back.  If we can get 4-5 qualified people by the end of the week I’ll be ecstatic because that’s what we want for our first team.  I initially said 6 but I’ll settle for 4 to 5.

The thing that is making me optimistic and energetic about this again is that the people that we have spoken too all said it’s a great idea and a definite “no brainer.”  I think that speaks volumes when someone doesn’t need to be convinced that what you are offering is a good product or service.  It is obvious from the beginning and clearly visible.  So after hearing how these potential employees are excited about the opportunity, I became more excited than ever before!

I cannot believe that this is happening.  I’m going to have a company with employee’s working for me by September and it didn’t cost me a dime.  Not only that, but the earnings potential is astronomical and I hope that this is the one thing that finally earns me the income I’ve desired for all these years.  Both my business partner and I did some research this afternoon and were able to find that similar programs and services are available in California as well so we can expand into other states when we are ready.  My biggest issue with this from the beginning was whether or not we could really make a lot of money doing this and now I know we can and the sky is the limit.

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