Tired from yesterday

We were given a lot of information yesterday and I left the training feeling a little disheartened.  I know it’s just because it seemed overwhelming and it will be much better once we get rolling.  The training was about 3 hours long and afterwards we were supposed to go out and shadow some people already doing what we were going to be doing.  The only problem was that the people were fucking assholes and we ended up leaving after sitting around waiting for 35 minutes.

When we got to their office, no one was at the front desk, so we stood around for about 10 minutes waiting.  Then my business partner finally decided to start knocking on doors to see if the people we were supposed to meet were even there.  Eventually we found them and they said they were on a call and would be with us shortly.  My business partner and I sat around waiting for an additional 25 minutes and they never came out, never left their office, and never even opened their door.  So we just got up and left.  It’s not like they weren’t expecting us and we just dropped in.  We had an appointment with them to do this and they were completely unprofessional about it.  No wonder why the company we are partnering up with is upset with the sales results he’s gotten thus far.  He’s dealing with people like that as his sales people.

Everything is pretty much done.  Our training manual and materials along with all of the new hire documentation is completed.  We just have to sit down and go through it and decide what we want to include and what we want to remove.  We are expecting to place the job advertisement by the end of the week or this weekend.  Next week we will begin taking applications and we will schedule our first training class once we get 5-10 solid candidates to train.  From there we just sit back and see what happens.

I’m sure there will be a lot of trial and error and mistakes at first but once we iron out all of the wrinkles and streamline the whole process everything should be running smoothly.

I’m still tired because I didn’t get too much sleep last night and I know we still have a lot to do.  Also, this evening we are sitting down with that real estate investor for a couple of hours to hear what he has to say.  I guess it’s better to be busy than be doing nothing, so I should be grateful for that.  The economy is shit and a lot of people are hurting.  I just hope all this hard work eventually pays off.

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