Today has flown by!

Wow, this is the first free time I had to type anything for my blog and it’s 1pm already.  Tomorrow will fly by even faster I’m sure!

This morning I met my business partner for coffee and we mapped out what we needed to do before our training session tomorrow.  All of the new hire documentation and paperwork needs to be completed, so that’s what I’ve been doing all day and I just finished about 10 minutes ago.  After we are trained, I can create our training packet and materials and we can start hiring.  Tomorrow we are going to be training all day, so like I said – I’m sure the day will fly by as well.

So shit is getting done and I don’t have any complaints.  We are moving forward and not wasting any time which I like.  This weekend I’m planning on packing up my office almost entirely, so I should be ready to move out by next week if I want to.

The only question I have in regards to this new business venture is that I’m not sure if the longevity is there.  We are only able to do this in the local area, and I’m afraid that we might run out of places to do business with or that the market will eventually become saturated.  I guess we won’t know until we do it and if/when it happens we’ll deal with it then.  I just hope I’m able to make a nice penny before this all takes place.  Realistically I don’t see this business earning us much more then 250k-500k a year after we pay commissions and cover expenses so it’s not a 7-figure a year gig, but who knows I may be wrong.  I have no problem doing it for a few years and saving up a couple million if that’s what it takes.  I’d just hate to see it burn out after a year after I was only able to make a couple hundred grand.

Regardless, the opportunity is too good to pass up and I need to jump on it and make as much money as I can right now.  It’s looking like we are on pace to start interviewing people next week and get our first sales team trained by the first week of September.

I don’t have much else to do here at the office so I’m not sure if I’m going to hang out or take off early but after work I’m going to the gym.  From there, its back home to relax and get a good nights rest for tomorrow.

As always, I’ll keep you all updated and thanks for the kind words and support from those of you that have left comments.  It means a lot to me.


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