Blogging before the gym

Again, here I am on the weekend typing up my blog post before I go workout.  Today is my father’s birthday so I have to make sure to give him a call later to catch up.  I haven’t spoken to him in a couple of months so I have to tell him everything that’s going on with work.

Yesterday was pretty relaxed.  I went to my buddies place and we cooked food on the BBQ and swam in his pool.  I came back to my place pretty early.  It was around 6 or 7pm, but I was exhausted from being in the sun all day so I passed out at like 9pm.  I actually began typing a post last night and stopped because my eyes weren’t staying open.

Tomorrow I should be hearing from the guy we are partnering up with as far as what days he wants us to do our training.  We didn’t hear anything from him on Friday, so I’m assuming it won’t be on Monday.  We’ll most likely begin our training on Tuesday, and it will probably take a couple of days.  After we are fully trained, I need to prepare our training materials for our people and we are going to place an ad for new hires and start building our sales force.  It’s very exciting!  I would like to have our first team of sales reps trained and ready to go by September, but it depends on how everything goes this week.

Yesterday buried in the back of my desk drawer I found a best buy gift card for 10 bucks!  It must seriously be several years old, but I did a check on the balance online and it’s still valid.  There is a best buy right next to my gym so I’ll shoot over there after I workout to see what I can get.  It’s burning a hole in my pocket and I’m always happy when I find stuff like that.  It definitely brightens my day.  Kind of like when you find cash in an old pair of pants. 🙂

Once I get back from the gym I really don’t have any plans other than doing some errands around my apartment and chilling out.  One thing I haven’t really mentioned since this whole business idea popped up is that it’s not internet based like my debt settlement company.  So I cannot do it from anywhere which really sucks.  It basically means that I’ll be stuck in AZ for another several years and I honestly don’t know how I feel about that.  I’m going to start taking trips to California the second I get money to do so and am still planning on visiting those areas I mentioned in earlier posts.

If things go well and I start making some nice money I’ll most likely buy a place out in CA and visit there once or twice a month until I can move entirely.  In the meantime I’ll keep renting in AZ.  I have no desire to buy in AZ or stay here but I’m not going to pass up on a great opportunity because I want to move.  We’ll see what happens but that’s the only thing I’m not thrilled about right now.  I’ve been wanting to move for several years now and the thought of putting it off for another couple of years makes me sick to my stomach.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends.

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