Well that was easy…

We spoke to the CEO of the company we are partnering with this morning; came to an agreement on the commission split, and are now waiting on the contract to be signed.  

It seems so strange that this thing is taking off with relative ease thus far.  Granted we have not even begun to REALLY get going with it, but all I have to say is holy shit!  Let me break this down for you so you can see what I’m talking about.  Remember what I said about momentum?  Well here is our current timeline of events:

Thursday 7/29/10 – It was announced that the FTC was regulating the debt settlement business and I was basically fucked with no idea what I was going to do.

Friday 7/30/10 – After speaking with my old business partner on Thursday night, we continue talking and decide to go into business together and start exploring our options.

Friday 8/6/10 – We came up with the idea for our current business venture after a week of exploring different options and businesses.  We must have looked into 20-30 different businesses before we came up with our plan.

Saturday-Sunday 8/7/10-8/8/10 – Continued to discuss current idea with business partner while trying to find flaws with our plan.  We were unable to.

Monday 8/9/10 – We email businesses we need to partner up with to see about developing a business relationship with them.  By the end of the day Monday, we setup an appointment with a company to sit down on Tuesday.

Tuesday 8/10/10 – We sit down with the CEO of the company for a meeting, discuss everything in detail and throw some numbers back and fourth but nothing is set in stone.

TODAY – Thursday 8/12/10 – We have a conference call with the CEO and come to an agreement and are waiting on the paperwork to sign.  From there, training begins next week.

See what I mean?  This shit is taking off like crazy.  Yesterday I was wondering if our commission split was going to be an issue, and when I brought it up today on the phone it was a nonissue whatsoever, so I was stressing about nothing.  In fact, I told my business partner after the call that I felt like we could have gotten more out him and he agreed, but we are both satisfied with what we got so we left it alone.

I just think that it’s amazing how fast you can achieve something if you really press forward and work towards a goal.  It’s been two weeks since the FTC announcement and I already have another business in place and contracts practically signed ready to go.  After the contracts are signed we will schedule our training and once we are fully trained, we will build our sales force.  It’s very exciting that we are on pace to start hiring and training employees by the end of the month!  That’s what I’m talking about people, NOT wasting ANY fucking time!  When you see something good, run with it and don’t stop!

So there’s your update on what’s going on.  I still have 1 more pending deal I’m trying to get closed for my old business, but after that I’m 100% done here.  I’m going to start packing up my office the weekend of the 21st and will be out by the 27th.  I’m sure it will be a shock at first but I’ll be so busy with the new business that hopefully I won’t even have time to think or stress about it.

I’ve hit every goal I set thus far for my new venture and it feels great.  Unlike my old business when I’d go month after month of not coming close to hitting my goals.  I forgot what this felt like and its incredible.

So that’s where I’m at right now people and please remember that despite what you see on the news about the economy, how times are tough, and how everyone is broke; fortunes are made during recessions and economic turmoil.  You just have to figure out how to do it.  Don’t fall for the bullshit.


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