Fuck it, 2nd blog post of the day!

I try not to post more than once a day because I don’t want my blog to be full of crap but I’m so psyched about what happened earlier that I just had to write a full post about it.  By the way, on the right of my blog is a small “quick thought” section which I update once in awhile, so I use that a lot for little quick updates.  Make sure you check it to see what’s on my mind!

So basically my business partner sent out a batch of emails to about 7 business owners in regards to the partnership we were offering, he didn’t get one response and after a few hours went by he called me and said he was frustrated.  Granted it had only been a couple of hours and we only tried contacting 7 people, but he was looking at it like, “this is a no brainer, they should be jumping at the opportunity.”  I told him to fuckin relax and its way to early to start thinking that way.

I told him I’d try emailing 5 different people but would send my emails with “read receipts” so I would know whether or not they were actually opened and viewed.  He said it was a good idea and to give it a shot.

So I sent out the first email, and I shit you not, about 2 minutes after, I got a call from the CEO of the company.  I didn’t even have a chance to send out my second email before it happened.  I ended up talking to the guy for a few minutes and he said I sparked his interest, so I scheduled a meeting with him and my business partner tomorrow morning at 9am.  I seriously couldn’t believe it and I was actually caught off guard when he called because I wasn’t expecting such a quick response.  Regardless it’s a good sign because it tells me the guy is hot to trot and not about wasting time.

So I call up my business partner:

Me: “What the hell would you do without me?  You’d just be living life, finding everything wrong with the world, bitching and complaining…”

Him: “What the hell are you talking about, what happened now?!”

Me: “I spoke to a CEO of one of the companies we are trying to do business with, he responded to my email.  I got us setup for a sit-down tomorrow at 9am…”

Him: “Get the fuck outa here!  You’re bullshitting!”

So he was excited as hell as was I, and we chatted about how we plan on handling the meeting.  Tomorrow morning we are going to meet for coffee around 7:30AM before the meeting to discuss a game plan before we drive to meet this guy.

So far I’ve been hitting goals I’ve been setting, left and right and I’m so happy.  These goals aren’t on my goal page because they are smaller, but it feels good anyways.  Last week my goal was to have a legitimate business plan/idea by the end of the week and I hit that goal.  This week my goals were to get in touch with at least 1 CEO of the companies we need to do business with, setup a meeting, and get a contract signed by Friday.  So we’re on the way to achieving that goal as well.

Pedal to the metal with this shit, I’m pressing forward and not looking back ever!  I have to seize this fucking moment, because I know firsthand that they are few and far between, and when they come they can’t be taken for granted.

Tomorrow after my meetings, you all will definitely hear from me.  Peace!

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