A little more info about what’s going on

In order for us to be able to start our business we need to have a contract signed with an existing company.  There is a list of 30 or so approved companies that can provide the type of service we need so in order for us to be able to run with this, we need to sign an agreement with at least 1 of them.

Before I mentioned there is an 80% chance of us doing this, well the other 20% is contingent on whether or not we can get a contract signed.  We pretty much know we want to do it but can’t do anything without that contract.  We are offering something that is attractive and we aren’t asking for any money upfront, just a piece of business we bring in.

So today, we sent out an email to about 7 or so of these companies and are waiting for a response.  If the email doesn’t work, we’ll have to figure out another way to get a hold of the owners and talk to them.  However, this is a crucial part of our plan so it needs to work.  Common sense says; “I don’t see why a company wouldn’t sign an agreement?  It will cost them nothing and there is no risk, either we send them business and make them money or we don’t.”  But people are fucking stupid and I have absolutely no idea what type of response we should expect.

It seems like a no-brainer from both me and my business partner for us to get a couple of companies that are interested, but we really wont know until later on in the week how this is all going to pan out.  Once that contract is signed, it’s a wrap and we will blow this thing up.

Also, I know my business partner is getting excited about this.  He always was excited, but was trying to play it cool earlier.  Now his excitement is starting to show.  He called me at 6:45am this fuckin morning to talk about shit and said he was ready to go.  I’m really anxious to see how these companies we are contacting for a partnership are going to respond because it is vital to our whole plan’s success.  I’m not worried that we won’t get any to respond because I’ll do what I have to do to get at least 1 fucking agreement, even if it means knocking on their doors.  I’m just curious and excited to see what they say.

This week is going to be huge and let’s hope it all works out for the best.  My goal is to be sitting down with owners of these other companies and to have at least a couple of meetings by the end of the week.  It would be nice to have an agreement signed by the end of the week as well, but I’m shooting for that to be done by the end of next week the latest.  Once that’s done, we complete the new hire packets and training manuals, throw an ad up for new hires and begin interviews and training.  From there, it’s only a matter of time before the money starts to flow.

The remainder of today it’s a waiting game to see if we get a response and if my business partner digs up any more info.  He has a couple of inside contacts that are working in a similar industry (but have no idea of our plans) and he is picking their brains when he can.

In regards to my current business, I was supposed to get some free live transfer leads today but that doesn’t look like its going to happen; big fucking surprise.  So I’ll pretty much be sitting here doing nothing all day.  It doesn’t really matter to me because I’ve already “mentally checked out” of this and am focused on my new thing.  I do want to see if I can close a few of those transfers once I get them because it will help tremendously.

Lastly, I printed up expected payment reports for every month leading up until the end of the year and it looks like I’ll have enough money going into my account to cover my living expenses, but that’s only if there are no missed payments, NSF’s, or cancellations during that time frame, which definitely won’t happen.  Basically what it means is I’ll probably be ok for a couple of months before my account is drained and I won’t have enough to cover my expenses.  So the good news is I have time to get my new thing going, the bad news is I don’t have that much time.

I’ll keep you all updated when I hear something.  Enjoy your Mondays.

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