Pre-workout thoughts

It seems like on the weekends I have a habit of writing for my blog right before I go to the gym.  I sit here and drink my energy drink, listen to some music and clear my mind before I head out.  So that’s what I’m doing right now.

Last night I didn’t do anything and I’m not expecting tonight to be much different.  There really isn’t much more that can be done until Monday so it’s another day of sitting and waiting.  Normally this is something that would bother me but I feel really good right now.  I’ve mentioned earlier that the momentum is definitely in our favor and its growing rapidly, so 1 day of waiting doesn’t bother me one bit.  It’s when you add that 1 day of waiting to another day, and another, that will completely sap your motivation and momentum.  That’s what the problem was with my debt settlement company.  It was just day after day of little to no results and the hardest part was staying positive when nothing has happened in weeks or months.  The good news with regards to my debt settlement business is that I’m getting some free live transfers starting tomorrow, so if I can close a couple of those deals it will help greatly.  Right now, an extra 1k of residual income going into my account would be all I need to hold me over until this next thing takes off.

I feel great, I really fucking do!  I haven’t felt this good since when I first started my debt settlement company.  This upcoming week is really going to give me a much better view of where I ultimately stand with this.  As of right now, I’d say there is an 80% chance that this is going to work out but at the end of the week I’ll know 100% that we’re moving forward.  So once I know that, I’ll have a lot to do and it’ll be time to fuckin hustle!

I spent some time calculating income projections with this and there is definitely money to be made and I’m not talking about chicken shit money either.  I’m talking about 7-figure income, which is what I want.

So that’s pretty much all I got on my mind right now.  Like I said already, I feel great about this whole thing and I really think it’s just going to take off immediately.  Once it does, I’ll sit back in awe and just wonder to myself, “is it really this easy to make a shitload of money?”

Well that’s after 2 failed business ventures and 1 bankruptcy, so maybe #3 is the lucky number.  It will just be funny if this thing has a fairly “effortless” growth and revenue generation, while the other 2 businesses were nothing but fucking struggles and heart aches.

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that’s what ends up happening.  I’ve definitely paid my dues and it’s time for me to fucking succeed.  I’ve read countless stories and books of entrepreneurs constantly failing over and over again before they “hit it big.”  It may take several months, but hopefully we can add my story to that list.

God if it happens, I won’t know what to say…

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