Saturday 11:20am

I’m at the office and am going to head to the gym once I’m done typing this.  I had to come in here to call a potential client and hopefully that amounts to a deal because I really could use the extra cash flow.

Things have been going great thus far with this new business idea and I’m trying not to get too excited yet but it really seems like its going to be the real deal.  Generally when we had an idea in the past, after a day or two of investigative work, we’d find 3 or 4 reasons why it wasn’t a good idea and we should probably stay away from it.  With this current business idea the more we look into it the better it seems and we have yet to come across any reason NOT to do it, so it’s very promising.

Both me and my business partner have the problem of sometimes getting really excited about an idea prematurely and this is the first time I’ve seen him trying to play it “cool.”  I think the reason for that is because he knows it’s an excellent idea, won’t cost us anything to get started, and it won’t take long to start making money.  He just doesn’t want to get his hopes up and fuck everything up.  Call it superstition if you want.

This morning I spoke to him for an hour and he dug up more useful information, and again – it was all positive.  I already put together a timeline and goals for the next month as far as what needs to be done and how we need to do it.  I don’t want to put those goals on my blog yet because I’m still not 100% sure if we’re going to head in this direction.  Right now I’d say it’s a good 80% chance that we will run with this idea, but until I know for a fact, I’m going to wait.

There is one remaining aspect that we aren’t too sure about and we won’t know more about it until next week.  This aspect could fuck up our whole plan but I really don’t see that happening.  Then again, you never know.

So by the end of next week I’ll have a better idea as far as whether we are 100% doing this and at that point I’ll throw up my new goals.  I honestly don’t see there being any issues and think everything is going to work out fine.

I’m broke as hell and it’s amazing how I don’t even care about money and I’m not even the slightest bit stressed about my current financial situation.  It’s like I know this shit is going to work.  There is no inner battle like there was with my debt settlement business on whether or not it was going to succeed.

I know we’re on the right path, this thing is going to take off, and that’s the end of it.

Enjoy your weekends.

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