Pacing back and fourth in my office without the slightest idea what to do

I got back from the meeting an hour or so ago and it was interesting to say the least.  While I was listening to my old coworker explain what he’s involved with I saw some flaws in his plan that kind of turned me off.  His business is interesting and definitely has the ability to be extremely lucrative, but his marketing is fucked and he doesn’t seem to have any idea as far as how to generate leads.

At the end of the meeting I basically told him that it sounds like he is still ironing out his marketing efforts and once he gets that dialed in and starts generating leads, to give me a call and I might be interested in selling for him.  My old business partner who was also at the meeting was a little more optimistic and basically said that he thinks he might be interested in doing something and to keep in touch.

So after my old employee left I spoke to my old business partner for a minute before leaving and he brought up some good points about this whole thing which has made me rethink this whole deal.  Everything else we’ve looked into doesn’t seem to be as promising as this business venture.  So once I got back to my office, I spoke to him via email and said that we should both sleep on it and if we feel the same way in the morning it might be time to pull the trigger.  You need to act and there is no point sitting around thinking about shit.  Once you make a decision you need to start getting shit done.

So we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  I think we can generate our own fucking leads for this thing and just send my old employee the business for a bigger split.  In the meantime, he has an aged list of 3000 names of old buyers that we can work.  The information is old, but we know that these leads were at one time buyers and if even .5% decides they want to get back into investing again, that’s 15 legitimate clients/prospects.

Lastly, this is not the type of thing that you sell to someone once and that’s it.  You build a relationship with the person and end up doing business with them on a routine basis.  So you really only need a clientele list of 100-200 legitimate buyers and you are basically set.

I’ll let you know what I decide tomorrow.

Best wishes.

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