You better learn how to network!

These last few days I’ve been frantically searching for what my next business venture is going to be.  I’ve been in heavy contact with my old business partner, talking several times a day about different ideas/opportunities and nothing has really jumped out at us yet.

So I’m sitting here at my desk frustrated as hell, and for whatever reason I thought of an old employee of mine from when I used to be manager of sales at my prior employer.  I heard he was no longer working there but wasn’t really sure what he was involved with.  He was always a really nice guy that I got along with great, and he actually was transferred to another department while he was doing sales because he just wasn’t interested in doing sales anymore.  Anyways, he’s an older guy with a lot of financial knowledge and I used to pick his brain a lot.  He made a lot of money back in the day and has since just been kind of lingering about.

So I called him up out of the blue; “how the hell are ya!?”  Thank god for Google because I didn’t have his number and was able to track him down that way.  Anyways he’s involved with some pretty interesting stuff that sounds like it could be lucrative and I told him that me and my old business partner would like to sit down for lunch tomorrow afternoon so we’ll see how that goes.

I wanted to post this because networking is so damn crucial, and people are more inclined to do business with someone they know and trust.  Remember that no matter what you do, for any company, that you do your best to be a good employee and bust your ass.  Not so much for the owners but for yourself.  You never know which of those coworkers you may end up going into business with in the future.

To this day, every single business partner I’ve met or had has been the result of a relationship built from being coworkers at a prior company.  And because I always busted my ass, people never have an issue doing business with me.  I guess its something I should be proud of.

For instance, this guy that I called out of the blue mentioned how he needed guys to sell and compared me to his existing sales guys.  “The guys I have now aren’t good at sales, I know you and I know you can sell.”  So he’s pretty much offering me a job and/or partnership if I want it because he knows I can close deals.

I guess we’ll see where this takes us.  Tomorrow the 3 of us sit down to chat.  Once we get the real deal, it may amount to nothing, but at least I’m putting myself out there and making shit happen.  The way I see it, only good things will come if I continue to network and search for a legitimate business opportunity.

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