So here’s what happened at the meeting

So I had a nice long lunch with my old business partner and we discussed a lot of shit.  The meeting ended up being over 2 hours long.  We came to the conclusion that we weren’t sure about this business venture because there were some questions that still needed to be answered.

Once I got back to my office, we were able to get the answers to those questions and they raised red flags left and right.  We both decided it was best to pull the plug on the entire project.  It seems to be some sort of scam and even if there are legitimate companies providing this type of service, the industry will most likely be scrutinized.  I’m not going to get involved with anything that isn’t a legitimate business so that possibility is over.

I just wish I fucking did more research before I spent all of the time developing that website because I wouldn’t have wasted all of my fucking time this past weekend.

The only good thing that came out of all of this was my old business partner was impressed with my ability to get something online as quick as I did and said he needed a partner because he is not good with the internet.  He is an older guy and isn’t very computer savvy.  Plus he knows I can sell because we used to work together.  So this meeting might have not been a complete waste after all because he is going to look into some other things he has on the back burner to see if any of them are legit.  So I guess you could say the website did what I needed it to do.  It showed him that I was serious, and it showed him that I have some traits and skills that I can offer if we were to go into business together.

I also have my eyes and ears open and will continue to look for something that sparks my interest.  Hopefully I will find a business that looks interesting because the thought of working for someone else makes me want to vomit.

So the meeting was both good and bad.  It was good because I reestablished a relationship with an old business contact.  It was bad because our initial business idea went to hell.

Looks like I need to rewrite my goals AGAIN…

Maybe something will pan out tomorrow.  I’m exhausted and calling it a day.

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