I actually started typing a post about how I had such a productive day today.  My lead provider finally started sending me leads again, I had this great idea as far as how to generate my own leads that I was about to put into effect and was feeling really good about things.

Then one of the employees that works for my business partner knocks on the door to my office and asks me, “Did you see this?”

She handed me an article that was on the FTC’s website.  They are regulating the industry I’m involved with, and the manner in which they are doing it makes it impossible to continue doing business.  I couldn’t believe it.

The new laws take effect at the end of September, early October.  I called my other business partner and spoke to him and he said he is closing his doors the week the law starts and will look for the next big thing, but isn’t expecting to start doing anything until January 2011.  In the meantime he will continue signing clients up until that date and that’s it.

I’m at a loss for words because I have no clue what I’m going to do.  I’ve invested all of my money into this and now I have nothing to show for it.

My lead provider still owes me the remainder of my order and I’m going to try and close as many deals out of that batch as I can to see how much business I can bring in before new law starts, but I’m going to have to find something else to do.

The economy is shit, which means there are great opportunities to make large sums of money, you just have to find a niche and hopefully I can find something.  I hate working for someone else and have always been miserable when I’m being told what to do all the time.  Basically I have to start another business and probably need to get a job in the meantime to hold me over.

What would be great is if I could start another business that generates revenue almost immediately, but I’ve already learned from experience that is a rare occurrence.

Tomorrow I’m cutting practically all of my costs associated with running my company down to the bare minimum and I’m going to look at cutting some of my other expenses at home as well.  It’s time to buckle down.

Any thoughts or suggestions from any of you guys would be great.  I’m surprised that I’m not more upset about this.  To be honest, I think I’m handling it well because I know I didn’t give up and I rode this thing out as long as I could.  There will never be a situation 10 or 20 years from now when I’ll be wondering if I could have made this thing work if I just stuck it out longer.  I think that makes things a little bit easier, although I’ll admit, I’m in pretty rough shape right now.  This is my second business venture that fucking tanked and of the two, it was the one that showed the most promise.

I’m sure shit will hit me like a fucking freight train tomorrow morning and I’ll be wondering how the hell I’m going to survive.  I’m going to start looking for jobs this weekend; anything to help subsidize my income.

    • raina4money
    • July 29th, 2010

    That sux! I’m sorry! What industry are you in? What sort of law has gone into affect that would do that to your business? I wonder if it’ll affect mine too!

    • thanks for your comment. i answered your question in my blog post today. 🙂

  1. Sorry to hear about your business, that sucks! This may be too forward and you may not be in the least bit interested but I wanted to tell you to take a look at being an Independent Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. The company has been in business for over 40 years and is #1 in skin care and cosmetics, great consumable product, loyal customers. You clearly know how to generate and work leads as well as close deals and I am sure upsell as well. As far as sales jobs go Mary Kay is great. You get an instant 50% on all sales, no quotas, great incentives. You can get started with a $100 investment and start selling and making money immediately. In your situation I would recommend NOT buying a bunch of inventory because the starter kit you get for your $100 contains everything you need to start building your business and making money right away. Where you take it from there is up to you. Anyway check it out, it could be your next career or what tides you over until you decide on your next big thing. You can get more info at:

    Good luck in whatever your next endeavor may be!


    • thanks for your comment! i was under the impression those products were mainly sold by women, but i guess with the internet, it really doesnt matter who sells the products anymore. Regardless, in my new post i talk about how i might be getting involved in something else so hopefully that works out for me. 🙂

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