Still nothing

I didn’t blog yesterday because I had nothing to say.  My Google adwords account isn’t doing shit, and I looked into hiring a professional to run it but they charge a lot of money.  I actually spoke to a guy who specializes in adwords for a half hour and after I explained my situation and what my daily budget was he basically told me that he doesn’t think what I’m trying to do is a realistic expectation.  It doesn’t feel good when you have a guy who’s supposedly an adwords “guru” telling you that it won’t work.  I’m glad I found that coupon for $100 worth of free advertising because I’m still burning through that and haven’t actually lost any money yet.  If I don’t get something going that shows some promise by the end of the trial I’m going to pull the plug.  It’s too expensive right now for me to experiment with.

I have another campaign running on another site and I’m getting impressions and clicks but no leads yet.  I only deposited $25 into my account to get that going, so if it doesn’t work, I’m not out on my ass.

I’ve been looking into some CPV/PPV marketing and have found a few reputable companies I may want to try but they all require minimum deposits and I’m trying to keep costs as low as possible, especially if I’m just trying out something new that I have no experience with.  I’ll probably run a trial with that next month.

The email blast is basically done.  My rep won’t return calls or emails and I have no clue if the last test we ran was for the remainder of the order or just for a 100k block of emails like it should have been.  If I still have some of the order remaining I have 1 last email to try and I’m going to tell him to run it for the remaining 300k emails I have and that’s it.  What an absolute waste of money.

I really don’t know what I’m going to do because nothing seems to be working.

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