Saturday morning exhaustion

I was up late last night messing with my campaign and by the time I got up this morning I already blasted through my daily budget so I paused everything.  There really is no point in me continuing to waste money on this until those new ads get approved and I can test them out.

My current banner is getting clicks and my CTR is actually higher than the competitions average, they are just not converting into leads.

I’m going to make some changes to my landing page today, very minor changes, and see if it helps.  I was able to run a report to see what websites my current banners are running on and it all seems to be on some “chat” website.  The website itself looks like its geared towards younger people so it definitely helps explain why the clicks don’t seem to be serious inquiries.  So I’m changing my ad display so it doesn’t appear on those websites.

I’m just going to chill out for a bit then head to the gym; then it’s back home to work on this marketing all day.  I’m just waiting for that one thing to come along that just sets this fucking thing off.  I know it’s going to happen I just hope it happens soon.

I’ve been testing so many different things that I’m bound to stumble across something.  It would be nice if it happened this weekend.

That’s all I got for now, short post I know, but I’m fucking tired and don’t really have much else to say.  Enjoy your weekends.

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