Another week goes by, another Friday arrives

And I still have nothing to report.  Fucking wonderful!  Adwords is driving traffic to my site but I’m burning through my daily budget pretty fast and it still isn’t generating leads.  I made some new ads but Google fucking sucks with their response time when it comes to ad approval.  Text ads get approved almost instantly, and banner ads can take several days.  It really is a flawed system when it comes to this because it fucks up marketing significantly when you have to wait several days before running a new test or trial.

So I’ve already burned through my marketing budget for the day and am just sitting here.  I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on dialing in your adwords campaign and I’m learning a lot, but until I get some damn conversions there isn’t much I can do other then tweak my keywords and tweak my banner ads until I get something that hits.

Once ads start converting then I can run reports and narrow things down that way so I’m not wasting marketing dollars on poor performing ads or keywords.

I’m sick of being broke, sick of eating shit food, sick of sitting at the office all day with nothing to show for it.  This shit fucking sucks.  I keep telling myself that if I drive the traffic to my pages, they will convert, but I need to be able to do it cost effectively.

If my landing page only converts 1% of visitors into actual leads, that’s fucking garbage and I’m better off just buying leads.  I need my landing page to convert 6-10% of its visitors into leads for adwords to be of any benefit to me.  If it’s much lower then that, then I need to find a much cheaper way of driving traffic to these pages.

Email marketing is a fucking loss at this point.  I think the second test is complete but I have not gotten a call or email from my email guy and I sent him an email this morning with no response.  Once this trial is completely over I’m going to tell him to fucking kiss my ass.  The lack of results isn’t even what pisses me off, it’s his unavailability and stupidity that does.  I’m trying to run a business here and this cocksucker doesn’t return emails or phone calls to save his life.

I’ll continue to test this weekend if my new ads get approved otherwise I’ll have nothing to do.  Enjoy your weekends.

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