Marketing OCD, dealing with douchebags and everything inbetween

Alright, one of my banners is getting a shitload of impressions and is starting to develop a decent amount of hits.  I have to be careful because it can blow through my budget in a heart beat.

The strange thing is I have a bunch of different banner ads running and this one ad has gotten over 10,000 of the impressions while all of the others have barely gotten any.  I have my campaign setup to test all the ads evenly across the board so I can see which ads convert better then others.  This is the only ad that is a particular size so that is most likely why it’s getting all the hits.  The website it’s on probably has an opening for a banner of that size only.  I have a couple of different ads awaiting approval that are the same size so once those are ready, I’ll get to test and compare.

All the traffic in the world does me no good if I can’t get any leads.  So I’m not sure if it’s the verbiage on the banner ad that’s misleading potential clients or what, but it’s another reason why I want to test the other ads.

I generated 2 leads from the 2nd email blast thus far.  The shit started yesterday and I asked my rep to let me know when we launched and he never did.  Also, one of the leads was from a state that is supposed to be excluded so I just gave it to a buddy of mine because I can’t do anything with it.

The email guy I’m dealing with is a complete fucking tool and he keeps feeding me this bullshit about how much traffic they are sending and that they are only targeting the states I specified.  Bottom line is my Google analytics is only reporting a few hits a day, and it’s also showing visitors from fucking Nigeria and the UK, so he’s full of shit.  I’m amazed it’s generated any leads thus far to be honest and if I was dealing with someone that was fucking competent I probably would continue to run tests and refill once this blast is over, but I highly doubt that will happen with this guy.

This basically means that Google adwords and my banner ads will have to be my bread and butter so I really need to get this thing working well.  I like that I have 100% control over it and I don’t have to work with someone else.  Minor adjustments can be made on the spot, and I can continue to test and tweak immediately instead of waiting.  The learning curve is pretty brutal though and I need it to start showing a return soon or I’m fucked.  I can see why most people give up or fail with adwords because it takes a lot of work to build a successful campaign, although everything I’ve read online says that once you do, it’s a beautiful fucking thing.

Those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile know that I’m hardcore OCD.  I’ve never come out and said it, but you should be able to tell pretty easily just from my blog and the nature of my posts from day to day.  It anything, I think this will help me a lot with my Google campaign because I will constantly obsess and work on it until it’s doing what its supposed to.  All day from the second I get into the office until at night when I go to bed, I’m logged in, hitting refresh on my dashboard and making adjustments.

That’s all I got for right now.  Take it easy people.

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