Hump day: Went to bed late last night, feeling it today

I was up late last night getting one of my landing pages edited.  I’m glad I did because the site has a lot more content now and is more than merely a “landing page.”  I think it’s going to help a lot with Google rankings and more importantly, conversions.  I’m going to add one more page to it when I get home which shouldn’t take too long.  I’ve already typed what I want to appear on it so it’s just a matter of creating the html file and cutting and pasting.

I mentioned yesterday how I’m getting a lot of impressions but no clicks.  So far I have over 600 impressions and only 1 click on my adwords campaign.  My ads are just not grasping the user’s attention, and I had about 10 different ones in rotation with no response.

Today I realized that Google adwords allows you to make banner ads and place those on their network and it doesn’t cost any more then their text ads.  I almost shit myself when I found this out.  I can’t believe that I didn’t realize it sooner because its right there in fucking front of you when you click “create new ad.”  I think I just assumed that a banner ad would cost more than a text and since my budget is low I ignored it.  Anyways, I got about 20 different banner ads pending approval and I hope that solves the click-thru issue I’ve been having.  Banner ads are definitely more eye-catching and from my research, Google’s banner ads have an even higher click-thru ratio then traditional banners on other advertising networks.

I cannot stress how important it is for me to get this thing dialed in because the SEO stuff takes a long time to generate any results and who the hell knows what’s going to happen with the email blast.  Not to mention I have 100% full control over my campaign and I don’t have to deal with some idiot that doesn’t return emails or phone calls.

Anyways, that’s enough about work.

I’ve been thinking more and more about California and I need things to turn around with my business so I can relocate there.  I’d really like to take a few long weekend trips to explore certain areas and see if any of them jump out at me as “this is it!”  You have to understand, this is where I’m ultimately planning on living the rest of my life.  Yes I know things can change and a lot can happen but in all seriousness, I’m looking for a location that I can call “home” and will be selecting an area that I’d want to buy a home in eventually.  It’s a big decision; much bigger than just moving somewhere for a change of scenery.

So I’ve got it narrowed down to a few different areas along the central coast and I’d like to spend a few days at each area to really get a feel for how things are there.  I figure Thursday – Sunday trips would be ideal because I wouldn’t miss much work and I’d have plenty of time to explore.  Also, all of the areas are only a 90 minute (give or take) flight from Phoenix so it’s not like I’ll be stuck at the airport or on an airplane all day traveling.  I really would like to start the first of my trips in November, but we will see.  So here are the following towns I’d like to check out; Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey/Carmel, and Santa Cruz.  There may end up being other areas too if I don’t fall in love with any of these, but I think that’s highly unlikely.  From all the research I’ve been doing they all seem like great areas to live and to build my business.  So that’s 4 different long weekend trips I’d like to do if possible and you can bet your ass that I’ll be blogging about them when I do visit.  They are all are nice areas and definately aren’t cheap so i really need to get shit cranking.

I just hope and pray things get better here or I’m stuck in this hell hole if nothing changes.


  1. Nice post! 😉

  1. July 21st, 2010

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