Ramen noodles + Energy drink’s = lunch of champions

I ran to the gas station real quick to throw some gas in my car and to pick up a couple of energy drinks.  My cases of energy drinks from big lots are gone and I needed a quick pick me up.  They were doing buy 1 get 1, so it was a good deal.

I’ve needed to put air in my tires bad for awhile now and have kept putting it off, but I finally decided to get it taken care of; well at least I though I was going to get it taken care of…

I bought the fucking energy drinks because I figured I could do cash back and get some change for the air compressor.  Right at the register was a big sign, “We don’t do cash back, sorry.”  Not even a couple of bucks worth of change for the air compressor?  “Nope.”


So I go to my car and see if I can dig up some change but its all dimes and nickels.  When I look at the machine it says it only accepts quarters and it’s a dollar.  Are you kidding me?  A dollar for fucking air?  They can kiss my ass.

There’s another gas station right around the corner from my apartment and I’ll use them.

And to the douche bag who is driving around in a fuckin dodge neon with a turbo installed, you’re an idiot.  Who the fuck puts a damn turbo on a fucking dodge neon?  Seriously.

So I’m back at the office eating my lunch of champions.  This morning I’ve been tweaking my adwords campaign and I will continue to work with it 24/7 until I get something that works.  I’ve built my list of keywords to 75 now.  Some are good, some are not, increased bids on others, and deleted some keywords entirely.  Also created a few more ads, so I now have 10 ads in rotation with different wording and verbiage.  I’ll continue to test, retest and test some more.

Second email blast is going to go out in a couple of days.  I guess they have to reserve the server space all over again after each campaign so that should be poppin again towards the end of the week.

I got no hits from the back page ad yet, but damn am I glad I only spent 4 bucks on it.  I was definitely expecting SOME traffic and I didn’t get a single click.

I had a nice long talk with my mom today and caught up.  Told her how things were going and that I was struggling with my leads and didn’t feel very comfortable in the office anymore.  Felt good to actually talk to someone about it instead of typing it on my fucking keyboard.

My grandmother passed away 3 years ago and left me 10k in her estate, only problem is that my grandfather has turned into a miserable bastard since she died and refuses to fill out the paperwork or let anyone else fill it out.  Sucks because I could really use that money right now and I know other family members are hurting and could use their money as well.  My mom said she’s actually going to be seeing one of my aunts in early august and said she would ask about it.  Hopefully she can light a fire under someone’s ass to get it done because my grandfather will literally pass away before he does it himself.

I got nothing else to say.

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