Got some statistics to go off of

Alright, I was excited about that lead last night but still could not get some real statistics until today because my Google analytics updates every 24 hours.  So this morning I logged into my analytics account and was very surprised at what I saw.

There were only 5 new visits to my landing page.  With the stat counter it says that there were over 400, which leads me to believe that the 400 number is actually email opens, and the 5 visits would be considered the click-thru ratio.  The good news is that out of 5 visits to my landing page, 1 filled out his info, and if that statistic becomes the standard that’s a very high conversion.  I also don’t know how many emails were sent since that’s a stat on a different database which he provides me with after the campaign is over.  That is definitely not a good thing since there really is no way for me to tell if he sent out the emails or not.

Also, of the 5 visits I did receive, 4 of them were from states that I don’t do business in and should have been excluded.  So I need to ask him about that.

So that’s what needs to be changed right now.  People are opening the email but aren’t clicking thru, and to be honest this isn’t a surprise at all.  The email is very plain and I honestly think I could design a better one.  It’s not sparking enough interest.  Whatever they are using for the subject line is working but I’m wondering what that is as well.  “Click here for your free iPod!” would explain why people might be opening the email, then when they see it has nothing to do with an iPod, they are closing it out immediately.

So there are definitely a few things that need to be worked on which I plan on going over with my guy today.  I also found another email blaster that sends out twice as many targeted emails for the same price, so I might look into running a test with them as well.

I’m sure I’ll post more later today when I get some feedback from my email guy.  Hopefully we can get this thing dialed in quickly so the flow of leads is consistent.

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