Well I’m not really sure what I’m going to do

I feel like I’ve been throwing money at the wind here and decided to stop because I’m just wasting cash I don’t have.

The facebook campaign was very short, and I know you need to run it for awhile and spend some money before stopping it.  It sucks that you have to drop $250-$500 before you have any good statistics telling you; “your ad isn’t working.”  I decided to not even bother going there.

After one day, my click-thru rate was exactly what other users reported getting using facebook; however the bigger issue was that the majority of my visitors came from fucking states I don’t do business in, even though the campaign is targeted specifically to my compatible states.  Once I saw that, I put a stop to the campaign immediately.

I can do business in 15 states and with my marketing I obviously target those states only.  So why the fuck would I pay for marketing that delivers me traffic from the other 35 states that I cant do business in?  Not only that, but if I specify the states I can do business in and they say its not a problem targeting those, then they send me traffic from other states it leads me to believe they don’t know what the fuck they are doing.

I’ll let them figure it out on someone else’s dime, not mine.

The email blast finally started today.  My rep got back to me and apologized for the delay and said he’s been sick, which is why he hasn’t gotten back to me.  It’s a crock of shit, but whatever.  The edited ad is just basic text with a blue background and I told him to just send it out.  We’ll test it to see how it goes and take it from there but at least its up and running.  Who knows if it will generate a response?  From what I’ve been reading online it seems like I shouldn’t expect much, but I’m going to remain as optimistic as possible.

I also, finally talked to my lead provider today and he told me everything he’s got going on and I guess he’s generating his own leads right now for a similar industry and is going to do the same thing for my industry starting asap.  He said he basically cut off the fuckwits that screwed everything up and he will make good on my order, but who knows when that will happen.

He said he found a tech guy that he’s working with and they put together a platform project within a week that generated over 500 leads and I’m sitting here thinking that he’s either full of fucking shit, or a goddamn genius.  I’ve been at this shit for over a month and haven’t generated 1 fucking lead and I’m actually doing the same shit he said he was doing over the phone.  Who the fuck knows…

There’s some other shit that I’ve been looking into but don’t feel like writing about it now.  I’m tired and fed up and pray to god this email blast shows some sort of results.


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