Marketing Bonanza!

All day I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my marketing and my landing pages and finally got a couple of cheap campaigns up and running.

Just to recap what I have going on right now; without going into too much detail:

1)      Landing page 1 – SEO campaign

2)      Landing page 2 – email blast campaign

3)      Landing page 3 – facebook CPC and CPM campaign

The first campaign hasn’t shown any results yet, but that takes time.  I’m sure it will be at least a month or two before I see anything come from that.  The key is to keep doing it every month so you continue to work your way up with rankings.

The second campaign is still on hold until I get the edited email ad.  The cocksucker is avoiding my calls because he hasn’t returned any messages or emails from yesterday and today I left him a voicemail and also tried calling later in the day with no response.  I was told by a secretary when I called the second time that he was “on the phone” and she would take a message for me.  If I don’t hear from him by the end of the week, first stop is to my bank so I can cancel the payment I made, however I have a feeling it will be ready by then.  I think the prick isn’t returning my calls because he is still waiting for the ad to be completed even though he told me it would be ready on Tuesday.  So he wants to save himself the ass-chewing.

The third campaign I started today, and am also researching a possible fourth.  I was going to do some PPC stuff with Google adwords, but the industry I’m in is so fucking saturated that it would be fucking impossible.  Average bids for popular keywords within my industry were anywhere from $10-$20 per fucking click.  Can you believe that shit?!  Yea right, I’ll get right on that…

So instead I decided to give facebook a shot since I am able to get clicks for $.40-$.50 cents and 1,000 impressions for as low as $.20 cents.  Even though it’s not as targeted because my ad isn’t popping up when someone searches for my particular service, it still is the much better option.  The difference in cost is astronomical.  I also am doing something a little different with the impression campaign which I’ll go into later if it yields any results.  I think it will because I have yet to see anyone else in this industry even try it.  I’m just happy that something is happening because everyone I’ve been dealing with has been beyond fucking retarded.

My lead guy sent me a long drawn out email finally admitting that he let me down and he’s sorry.  He said he’ll do everything he can to make up for it, so we’ll see what happens.  I called him up and left a message and have yet to hear back.

So as angry as I should be given the fact that very little has changed or happened thus far this month today was a good day.  I got a lot done and was finally able to get some campaigns off the ground.  I’m running some very cheap/low cost tests but who gives a shit.  Something is better than nothing.

So that’s where I’m at right now and I’m sure I’ll be updating the second I get a response from my campaigns.


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