Don’t be incompetent

Maybe I’m just an overbearing asshole but perhaps some of you can shed some light on this.  When it comes to business, I expect a timely response when dealing with potential business partners, customers or anything.

To me “timely” means within the next several hours.  I understand people are busy with meetings and other things; however I do expect either a quick email response or a phone call letting me know what’s going on if I inquired earlier with a question or with a particular issue.  Even if there is nothing new to report, a simple; “Mike, we’re still working on it and I’ll get back to you ASAP once I know more” would be fine.  However this basic concept has seemed to slip out of the minds of every single cocksucker I’ve dealt with for the past several months.

My lead guy sold me on leads that he said he was already producing and were converting well, yet he ends up being full of shit, and here we are nearly two months later with not ONE of the leads I actually paid for.  He has sent me others to help “make up” for the disaster, but garbage leads do me no good when I paid for high-quality exclusive leads.  I’d seriously have more luck calling names out of a fucking phone book.

Now there’s the issue with the email marketing guy.  I call him and make my payment last Tuesday.  Everything clears and he said it will be 48 hours for the development of my ad, and once I approve everything we’ll be up and running.  He said there would be no issues getting started by Monday and here I am Tuesday, typing this fucking shit.

So 48hrs comes along after the initial order and nothing.  I contact him the next day, making it 72hrs and ask about the ad and he says it’s done and will get it off to me yet never fucking sends it.  I contact him on Monday and ask what the hell is going on, and he apologizes for the inconvenience and finally sends me the ad.  I get the ad, and even though I told them to base it off of my landing page and NOT my website, they go ahead and use my website.  So I tell him it needs to be redone entirely.  He apologizes again, and said he’ll put a rush on it and I’ll have the new ad by late Monday evening, Tuesday morning the latest so I can approve it and so we can get going on Tuesday.

I email him this morning (Tuesday) around 8a.m. saying I haven’t gotten anything yet and when to expect it.  No response.

I call and leave a message at noon after not receiving a call or email from him and I ask for an update and have yet to hear back.


Perhaps I’m overreacting, but you have to understand that this is several months in the making and every day that passes fucks up my chances of saving my company that much more.  1 day goes by, then another, then another, and before you know it a week has passed and nothing has changed.  I’ve been dealing with this shit for the last 2 fucking months and I’m sick and tired of it.

So the moral of the story is this.  Communication is key.  That goes for anything in life, business, relationships, etc.  Make sure you fucking communicate properly, and when it comes to business, make sure you return fucking phone calls, emails, and messages in a timely manner.  Seriously, there is nothing more unprofessional than not meeting deadlines and ignoring messages when you haven’t.  If you fucked up and botched a job or a project, you need to man the fuck up, take responsibility and make it fucking right.

I’ve never gotten mad at someone for telling me; “sorry I fucked up, it was my mistake and I’ll get it taken care of,” but I get fucking irate when someone fucks up, and plays it off like it was someone else’s fault or simply does not take responsibility.

What you are implying when you do not get back to someone in a timely manner is that they are not important to you and that their business is irrelevant and you will get to them whenever you “feel like it.”

I assure you that you will not be working for someone or be in business for yourself for very long if that is your attitude.

Rant off…

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