Big week

Scratch that.  This is the ONLY week.  It all comes down to this.  I’m not saying that I expect the email blast to deliver fantastic results immediately but it needs to show some sort of promise so I know what I’m working with.  If it doesn’t, it’s over.

Last night I couldn’t sleep because the anticipation is killing me.  This is over a month in the making and everything has literally come down to this.  No more business loan, no more help from business partners, it’s all on me.  Yes, I’m nervous but in a good way.  I really think this is going to work because I know lead generation companies use this technique, it’s just a matter of how effective it is.

Like I said last night during my 11 o’clock rant; all I need is 50 leads from this and I just literally saved my company and my business.  Ultimately that means I need 1 out of every 100 people that go to my landing page to fill out their info, which I don’t think is asking too much.  To be honest I have no idea what type of conversions to expect on something like this so I may be way off base, but I wont know until I  try it so we shall see how this pans out.

Today I should be approving the email ad, then it’s blast time and I’m not sure if we’ll get it out today or tomorrow.  We are sending out 100,000 emails at a clip to test things before we go through the entire 500,000.

Other then that, I really don’t have much to do today.  I have a desk to put together for my business partner which I’ll do later this afternoon.  I don’t really have leads to call unless my lead guy miraculously comes through with my order.  I got that 3rd landing page done this weekend so that’s ready to go for a different test I’m going to run, but I’m going to wait and see how this email blast works out first.

Keep your fingers crossed and say some prayers for me because it all comes down to this, and whether you may like me or not, whether you may think I’m an asshole or a cool guy, I assure you that I’ve paid my dues and have busted my ass for this.  I’m ready for things to finally start working for the better. 

Enjoy your Monday’s people!

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