When it rains it pours

The deal I closed last week canceled on me.  I have a distinct feeling that this loan isn’t going to happen; which is why I said I wasn’t going to get my hopes up from the beginning.  Lastly, my lead guy has absolutely no idea what the fuck he is doing.  He said he is going to get me some leads this afternoon, some freebies and the platform “should” be working by the end of the week.  Ya whatever, he’s been saying that shit for the past fucking month now.

I’m going to run a test email blast on that other landing page I setup and see how that works.  It’s about $300.00, and although I really shouldn’t be spending that money, I have no choice.  I have to try generating my own leads and that is the fastest way to do it.  I don’t doubt that it will drive traffic to the page, it’s just a matter of getting potential clients to fill out their info.  I won’t see how effective it is until I run a test, so keep your fingers crossed.  I’m going to run that test as soon as possible.

The other landing page, is getting worked on by the SEO guys, but that shit takes time.  It could be over a month before I see any results from that.  I have an idea for a 3rd page utilizing their expertise but I’m not sure if I want to jump into that yet.  I’ll have to set up another account with them which will cost me more money that I don’t have.

So much for that happy cloud 9 feeling huh?

Bottom line is that without that business loan to hold me over, my chances of turning this thing around are slim to none.  I really do think my marketing efforts will yield some results, but it may be too little too late.

I’ll keep you all updated and I don’t consider myself a religious man, but if you all could do me a favor and say a quick prayer for me, it would be appreciated.  LOL

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