So you won’t believe this shit…

Yesterday after my blog post I started calling those leads.  I had a good pace going and was making progress.  At about 12:30pm I had called roughly 75 of them and left messages, sent emails, etc.  There were 120 in total to call, so I was definitely going to rip through all of them by the end of the day.

Then a blackout hits.  Yup, a fuckin blackout.  I know this shit is common in California and whatnot, but this is the first time in the 5 years that I’ve been living in AZ that I’ve ever experienced something like that.  What a pain in the ass.

So it took several hours for the electricity to come back on, but that wasn’t the real issue.  When everything shut down abruptly like it did, it fucked up our phone lines and server.  I don’t know how to work any of that shit, and we have tech guys we bring in when we have issues with this sort of stuff.  So even though the electricity was back on, we could not get up and running again until this morning when the tech guys could come in.

So from about 12:30pm yesterday afternoon until 10:00am this morning, we were shut down.  Granted it wasn’t too devastating for me because I’m calling aged leads and just killing time until the exclusive stuff comes, but for my backend it was a nightmare.  Imagine having thousands of active clients trying to call customer service and getting a disconnected sound or something similar?  They were probably freaking the fuck out thinking that we took all of their money and left for Mexico or some shit.

Anyways, they said it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be this morning with pissed off customers, so everything turned out alright.  

As far as these leads are concerned, we’ll see if I can dig up anything.  I made contact with a few people but nothing solid.  It was mostly leaving messages and people telling me to take their numbers off my list, which is to be expected.

The landing page for my marketing initiative has been completed and I got to see the first draft of it.  I was very impressed at how professional it looked.  It was very clean and streamlined and just needed a couple of changes, so I’m psyched about that!  Once its done I can start messing with SEO and driving traffic to that site.  Then I can start generating my own leads and will not have to deal with the crap I’ve been dealing with the past several months!

I’m going to start off with this one page and see how it does.  Eventually I want to have many more landing pages, but I need to start small because I’m on a budget and this is all new to me so I need to do a lot of testing to see what works.  It would be fucking incredible to be able to generate my own leads though.  Especially if I can create the volume I need without having to supplement with leads being bought from these piece of shit lead providers.  100% independent and in control, that’s what I’m talking about!

Alright so that’s all I got for now, and if there is anything else worth mentioning, you all know I’ll post it up.  Happy Friday everyone!

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