Hump Day – June 23rd

About 5 minutes after I posted on my blog last night I got a text message from my investor saying that they could give me the loan no problem and they would have it for me on the 1st of July.  Again this is all talk at this point so I’m not getting my hopes up, but if it happens it would be my saving grace.

There are still a couple of issues that need to be addressed though:

  1. Having the money does me no good if I have no idea how I’m going to spend it.  I still haven’t tested these platform leads and have no idea how they are going to convert, so until I’m able to do that, I can’t place a refill order on those.
  2. I have another guy that offers a similar quality lead, but again I haven’t tried them before and can’t really afford to “test” leads with borrowed money, not to mention his are more expensive.
  3. Lastly, I have a guy that produces a decent quality lead that I’ve done well with in the past, but they are also more expensive.  The reason why I stopped taking them in the first place was that the actual lead amounts were fucking tiny.  So even though I closed them well, I wasn’t making any damn money.  I think it was because they were giving me a deal on the cost so they figured they would just send me the leftovers.  When you are a small shop like I am, you don’t have much bargaining or negotiating power so I had to take what they gave me.

So basically what I think I’m going to do is wait and see how this platform thing works out.  If it turns out to be the real deal I need to see how much of an issue it would be to increase the daily volume.  If the platform thing doesn’t work, then I’m forced to jump to option 3, which I’m not as confident about because the leads are more expensive and the loan won’t go nearly as far.  Even on the low end of the conversion scale, which I know I can hit without a problem because I’ve taken these in the past; it’s going to come down to the wire.

I’m not saying shit to my lead provider about this until after I start taking these platform leads because it might not even concern him.  If the leads suck, I rather him think I can’t afford to refill so he hooks me up with free leads when he can and I’ll order from someone else.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d order from him if he had a product that converted but if he doesn’t, there is no point.  Also I’m not going to just throw money at his ass with the hopes that some other lead type falls from the sky.

To be honest, despite how shitty this platform thing has gone, I do still think these leads are going to be the real deal.  It’s just a matter of getting it working efficiently and effectively.  Once its going it should be on autopilot, but getting it setup properly takes time.

I start those semi-exclusives today which I’m sure will be garbage but it will give me something to do.  Those are supposed to start flowing in by early afternoon.

As for my own marketing efforts, I hired a company yesterday to create a custom landing page and filled out the necessary paperwork.  Once they get everything they said it will take 2-3 business days for it to be complete.  Then I review it, tell them to make any changes I need and that’s done.  So that should be up by the end of next week the latest and I can work on marketing efforts to drive traffic to that site.

So there are several things in the works right now which is good.  Even though I’m not bringing in business, I’m seeing things happening and shit getting done.  It’s much better then sitting around wondering what caliber bullet I plan on blowing my head off with.  I was thinking for awhile that a .45 cal hydroshock would probably do the job.

On a completely different topic I just wanted to say that this blog has been a fucking life saver for me.  I cannot tell you all how good it is to be able to vent my feelings and emotions.  It also has helped me solve some problems in regards to my business.  A lot of times I would write something bitching and complaining about a particular issue, and then a couple of days later I’d come back and reread what I wrote and would be able to look at things from an entirely different perspective.  By doing that I was able to find answers to my problems, or I was able to create an outline and plan for how to go about correcting the issue.

Just look at the posts I’ve made over the past several months!  Imagine if I kept all of those thoughts and emotions bottled inside?  I’d be a walking fucking train wreck!

Oh and I can’t wait to drop like 15-20 deals out of nowhere if I end up getting this loan.  I’m sure my business partner is going to be like “what the fuck?”  I can’t wait to prove them wrong; can’t fucking wait!

And again, thanks to everyone who has left comments.  It’s very much appreciated.

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