Find a way to be productive from the START of your day

It’s been awhile since I wrote what I would consider a business tip and this is something that has been an issue I’ve had to deal with for awhile now.  Today is a prime example of what I’m talking about.

When it comes to sales, or anything for that matter, it’s so crucial to start your day off being productive.  I’ve always noticed in the past that the days I came into the office and was able to start calling leads and closing sales early on, created a snow ball effect that lasted the remainder of the day.  If you were to go to work and sit on your ass for a few hours before buckling down, you are setting the tone for your day early on and you will most likely have a mediocre day at best.

Right now I have a lot of things going on, but I’ve done all I can at this point.  It’s now just a waiting game for my business associates to uphold their end of the deal.  You do NOT want to put yourself in this position often if you can help it.  You want to get things rocking and rolling from the second you step into the office.

Even now, I’m supposed to start receiving some leads, but was told they would not be coming in until the afternoon, which should be within the next couple of hours, but this entire morning was spent sitting around just fucking waiting for this shit.  So it’s going to make it extremely hard for me to continue the good flow of energy from this morning carry on into the afternoon and evening.

Ideally it would have been better to have received those leads first thing in the morning but given my current situation, I don’t have much of a choice.  I cannot tell you how many times I had productive days planned and scheduled, and a day that I thought was going to be great turned out to be hell – all because I did not set the tone early in the day for how I wanted things to go.

So here’s how you can make the best out of everyday during your job, business venture, or whatever you are involved with.

Create a list the night before of no more then 5 things you plan to achieve at work the next day.  It doesn’t have to be 5 exactly, but it needs to be more then 1.  For example:  Let’s say you have a big meeting tomorrow and are trying to get a huge contract signed.  Even though that may be your main goal for the day, don’t have it be your only goal.  Try and set up a few things prior that you can achieve to set the tone for how you want the meeting to go.  

  • Wake up have a nice breakfast
  • Workout
  • After arriving at work, check emails, make 20 new sales calls

See what I mean?  You are creating a couple of easily attainable goals prior to your big meeting and by doing that you are getting your mindset right to close that deal.  As you achieve each of the smaller goals check them off and proceed to the next one.

If you find yourself in a situation like me, you need to find a way to do something productive and positive while you are waiting on something else to be completed.  This is something that I’m constantly battling with and sometimes its easier said then done, but eventually it’s what inspired me to take some marketing initiatives into my own hands instead of waiting on other people to perform.  You have to understand that other people will not always do what they say, so you have to be ready for that and have a backup plan.

The inspiration for this post came from the fact that I’ve been noticing a trend in my days the last month or so and it’s something that needs to be stopped.  I would come into work with a good mindset and after a couple of hours of sitting around with nothing to do; my day would end up being a waste.  So I’m not trying to sound hypocritical by offering advice that I don’t utilize myself because in the past I have written out my goals and daily plans and it worked out very well.  I’m going to get back on the wagon this evening when it comes to this because it’s quite obvious that it’s no coincidence that things have gotten worse once I stopping doing it.

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