Reality has set in

Yesterday I mentioned how I felt great and was expecting to have a productive day and everything went to hell.

No leads came in, which wasn’t really a surprise.  The guy that initially contacted me about the marketing initiative did not return my email or phone call, so I think it’s safe to say he flaked out, and lastly, the head of the office here sent me a message on our internal office instant messenger that they would no longer be covering the cost of the Esig for me.

Esig stands for “electronic signature,” and it allows you to sign up clients online so you don’t have to go through the hassle of mailing and faxing them documents with the hope that they will mail them back.  Its much quicker and easier to have them do an Esig, the only problem is that it’s a software with a monthly cost; a little over $80.  The cost varies depending on how many Esig’s you do a month and my business partner was covering the cost for me since I started, but they have decided not to anymore.

I really can’t blame them since I’m not bringing in business.  Why pay $80 for something that I’m not using?  However it still made me feel like shit; basically as if the exit doors have been opened and they are starting to nudge me in that direction.

I also came to the realization that the marketing initiative is a great idea and something worth pursuing, but even if I were to find someone who is great and gung-ho about it, a marketing project of that caliber could take months before it starts to show any results; perhaps longer.  So what the hell would I do for work and generating business in the meantime???  I called and spoke to an old college buddy of mine for an hour last night.  He owns a web design company and does well for himself and he basically echoed my thoughts completely.  He said I could probably find someone to do a profit-sharing partnership but it’s still going to take time to generate the leads and get things going.

I need help financially, and being “cut off” from my esig usage tells me that I won’t be getting it from my existing business partner.

I spoke to a good friend of mine last night who knows my situation.  They are pretty well off and have money to invest.  They said they could front me a 10-15k loan to help me get out of this hole and build some momentum.  I don’t want to do it, but I really don’t have a choice.  Regardless, saying and doing are two completely different things.  For all I know they could have been talking out of their ass last night.  I sent them a text this morning letting them know that I looked over the numbers and the amount I would need and am waiting to hear back.

If they opt not to invest, it’s over.  I’ll work the leads that I get and close them as best I can and once they are dried up I’m packing it in.

Time to pray.

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