6:42pm same day

I’m at home trying to unwind a bit.  The guy I was supposed to have a meeting with today finally got back to me and said he couldn’t do the project because he needed some sort of income, even though the goddamn ad said in all caps; “I CAN NOT PAY YOU ANYTHING UPFRONT BUT CAN OFFER A PROFIT SHARING PARTNERSHIP.  If this isn’t something you can handle DON’T WASTE MY TIME.”  Apparently someone needs to teach this douche bag how to understand English and not just how to fucking read it.  What an idiot.

Spoke to my lead guy and he said that he’s throwing me some free leads tomorrow to keep me busy until this whole platform thing takes off.

I really don’t know how I feel about my lead guy.  He really has a likeable personality and he comes across as sincere but you never know with people.  He’s making it sound like he paid for these leads out of pocket to help me out but I think he just scored them for free.  He told me that they are semi exclusives and they’ve been sold to 3 companies a day earlier, then I’m getting them, LOL.

What the fuck am I going to do with that?  3 different companies calling and hounding the shit out of someone on the first day?! – No bullshit, that person probably got anywhere from 10-15 calls on the first day about this, so by the time I call they are going to be thoroughly pissed.  I’m not really expecting to close any of these but at least it will give me something to do instead of sitting on my ass.  Regardless I’m sure these leads are going to be a complete waste of time.  Granted that’s not a good attitude to have going into the situation, but I’m a fucking realist.  I’ve taken semi exclusive leads once before and they were only sold 1 other time and distributed at the same time to both companies, and it was a fucking crap shoot.  I think I closed them at like 1%; absolute trash.

The last week or so I’ve been doing a lot of research on SEO marketing, organic search, lead generation and other things because I wanted to be as informed as possible when sitting down with these tech nerd/SEO guys.  The more I’ve learned over the past few days, the more confident I’m becoming in that I feel I can do this shit myself.  I have nothing else to do with my time anyways so I might as well work on the marketing right? 

Reading about guys who had marketing campaigns setup that were complete shit, and then they do something like tweak 1 word or phrase and it all of a sudden explodes is pretty cool.

From what I’ve been able to gather from my lead guy and the numerous SEO guys I’ve talked to on the phone, I was able to put a plan in place to run some test marketing campaigns, and it would only cost me a couple hundred bucks.  I figured what the hell harm could it do?  If it works, great!  It’s a miracle and my business is saved.  If it doesn’t, then I’m in the same position I’m in right now; big fucking deal.

Logically, it probably would be best for me to save that money and prepare myself for the worst, but the way I rationalize it is that I don’t ever want to look back at this situation when I’m 40 or 50 years old and fucking regret that I didn’t give it my all and that I didn’t try everything I possibly could have.

I’d hate to be 40 yrs old, broke as hell, thinking to myself, “I wonder if that SEO campaign would have worked?  I should have tried that.”

Lastly the investor that I texted this morning about a possible loan, never got back to me; go figure.

I mentioned in several posts in the past that I’m going to try and be more positive but how the hell do I put a positive spin on my current situation?  I sound like “Debbie downer” over here, but there is really no way I can make this shit sound good.  My life sucks right now, straight up.  If anyone can think of a positive spin to put on this, by all means, please leave a comment and let me know.

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