I’m looking forward to a productive week

Alright so here’s the skinny on the sitch.

Today leads are supposed to start, but I’m not holding my breath.  Lead guy said that at the absolute latest they should start flowing in late this afternoon.

I’m trying to reschedule my meeting with the SEO/marketing guy for sometime tomorrow morning so we can sit and discuss what my ideas are, what his ideas are, and so on.  This is something I’m really excited about and looking forward to.  The leads that I should be getting this week I’m also very excited about because from what my lead guy has told me, they are generated the same way I plan on generating my own.  So if they are good and the quality is there, then our leads should be of similar quality at the bare minimum.

So like I mentioned earlier, this past weekend I slept great.  Best sleep I’ve had for weeks, and I have a really good feeling/vibe about this week in general and I feel like positive things are happening.  I’m just excited about doing some work instead of sitting on my ass all day.

Granted, the marketing efforts aren’t going to lead to an instant generation of revenue, but I’m looking at the bigger picture and how much stronger this will make my company in the long run.

It’s really fucking weird but I feel fantastic, I’m not stressed, and everything just seems wonderful.  Amazing how quickly my attitude can do a 180, but you have to understand that not only was I pissed and depressed, but I had nothing to do.  The cause for my anger and depression was the lack of work I’ve had over the past month or so, and also not knowing how the hell I was going to continue forward with my business.  Now I have a solution and a plan, and it’s just a matter of putting it into action.

An entrepreneur without a goal is like a rock star without a guitar, it just doesn’t work.

So now that my jets have been refueled, and my drive has been revitalized, watch out!  I’m extremely productive when I know I’m working towards something tangible.  Not having leads for 2 months, and having absolutely no idea what I was going to do left me in limbo; not anymore.


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