Slept the best I have in months!

Last night, for the first time I can remember, I was not stressed at all, I slept like a baby, and I woke up feeling great.

Instead of worrying what I’m going to do about leads and generating sales, I’m focusing all of my energy on this marketing partnership and getting it up and running as soon as possible.  The way I figure it, I can’t afford leads anymore so there is no point in stressing on something I can’t do anything about; instead I’m better off focusing that energy on generating my own leads and blowing this shit up.

It’s almost like I’ve been revitalized 100%, instead of dragging along being depressed as fuck wondering what I’m going to do.  Now I know what I’m going to do so it’s just a matter of putting it into execution.

It’s looking like the meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday but it’s not definite yet.  After we sit down and talk, I’m going to have a much better idea as far as what a realistic expectation is for the amount of leads we can generate and how long it will take.

I can build an entire sales office overnight if the leads are good and they start to flow in at a decent pace.  All I would need to do is take the leads for a few weeks on my own to confirm that they are quality, then it’s all a matter of hiring sales guys and getting them on the phone.

It’s seems simple enough but I know it will take time and be more complicated then I’m describing, but I’m very optimistic about this.  These fucking lead companies try and make you believe that generating your own leads is hard and it costs a lot of money and all this other bullshit.  I think there is some truth to what they are saying, but for the most part they are feeding you a line of shit because they want you to buy leads from them!  They don’t want you to take the initiative to generate your own, if all the companies did that, it would put them out of business!  Not to mention, they are notorious for selling you an “exclusive” lead that they then sell to 3 other companies.  If I’m generating my own, I know I’m the only company getting them and no one else.

At the end of the day it comes down to being able to control your own fate and not relying/depending on someone else for your success or failure.  I’ve been doing way too much of that lately and it simply isn’t going to go down like that.  When something isn’t working you need to take control and try something else.  Before I would try a company, they would suck, so I would try another, they would suck, and so on…  It’s a pattern setup for fucking failure and there is no way you can expect to succeed doing that shit.

So now I’m not even fucking with that shit anymore and in the long run it will make my company that much stronger and that much more valuable.  Imagine having a multimillion dollar sales force and all of a sudden your lead sources go to shit and you have 30 guys sitting around with nothing to do?!  It’s happened to me in the past when I was manager for my previous employer.  Our head of marketing fucked up our leads for a few months and production literally tanked.  Morale was shit, and everyone was pissed; it was not a good situation.  And while all these commission only employees are sitting around, the head of marketing is scrambling throwing his money at any lead provider to hopefully find a “good one” again.  FUCK THAT!  With this marketing initiative I’ll never be in that position.  The things these sales companies don’t really seem to understand is that the lead companies they buy leads from have the power to literally sink their fuckin company overnight.

Anyways, enough of that; I’m off to the gym.

Remember tomorrow is father’s day, if you aren’t hangin out with your pops, make sure to give him a call.  Lates.

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