The party was postponed

I almost made a post last night at 2am because for whatever reason I couldn’t sleep worth a shit.  I don’t know what my issue was, but I was wide awake all night and literally got 30 minutes of sleep before I had to get up for work.

Unfortunately, the party was pushed until next Tuesday.  I guess my business partner is still getting things squared away at his new place and had to delay it.  He is going to be in town until next Thursday so there is no rush.  I guess it’s a good thing because it will allow me to start taking these new leads before I go to his place, so I’ll have a better idea as far as the quality is concerned before I go over there.

So today is another day of doing practically nothing until I start taking leads tomorrow, and it should be the last day for at least several weeks where I don’t have work to do.

I’m anxious, nervous and excited but if these leads don’t work I’m pretty much fucked.

Stay positive, stay positive.

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