Monthly Wrap-up: Final thoughts before the Memorial Day Holiday

I wrote a lot about my current situation in my previous post and this is sort of a continuation to that…

This month was a train wreck as far as production was concerned so it’s good I’m heading in a different direction with my marketing.  Like I mentioned earlier, I have a really good feeling about the new leads I’m going to start receiving next week so let’s hope they pan out.

So I made some decisions as far as what I’m going to do.  I spent all morning looking at numbers and it seems as though expecting this thing to work without some financial help just isn’t realistic at this point.  So what that means is that I’m eventually going to have to renegotiate my contract with my business partner.

This weekend I’m going to be hanging out with a buddy of mine.  He just moved into a new apartment and is going to be having a party all weekend.  Since his bills are higher now that he’s living alone, he mentioned its going to be very low-cost, which I’m all about!  So we’ll probably do the whole BBQ thing at his place.  Cheap beer, hotdogs, hamburgers, you get the point; I’m sure it will be a good time.  He has a tendency to pry about how things are going with my business and no matter what I’m not going to sound upset.  I’m going to tell him things are going great and heading in the right direction.

Then Tuesday is the party at my business partners place.  They are flying in this afternoon but I’m not sure if they are going to swing by the office today or not.  I decided I’m going to buy him a nice house warming gift; like a bottle of Dom P or something similar.  He’s done a lot for me and I wanted to thank him for that, and if my business tanks then fuck it – at least I’ll go down with some class.

I’m not going to talk to him at all about work, however I know him well and I’m sure he’ll bring it up anyways.  If he does I’m going to mention that I’m trying out a new lead source and I’ll keep him updated on the quality of how good they are and I’ll leave it at that.

My plan is that hopefully these leads convert at 7% or higher(which is what I need), and if they do, after I take about 150 or so of them; to call my business partner and talk to him about renegotiating my contract and possibly getting his help so I can hire another employee and get this thing cranking.  The key is my ability to close these leads well so I have something I can show him in terms of numbers.  It would be a minimal investment on his part; which would turn into a lot more money for him in the long run, verses if I were able to gain momentum without his assistance(and negotiation), or worse, go out of business.

I’m sure he’s going to ask me “so how are things going,” and the thing about that question is he already knows how they are going because he sees the numbers I’m putting up.  So I’m not sure if he’s just making conversation when he says something like that, or if he’s creating an opening for me to ask for help?  If he asks; I’ll tell him straight up, “things aren’t going well, but I’m trying this new lead source and I’ll keep you updated.”

From there, the ball is in my court to fucking go down a winner or go down a loser and intend to be a fucking winner.  I’ve been in business for 12 months just grinding it out, and I cannot see myself just walking away after everything I’ve done.

The key is that I have to convert these fucking leads like a machine, to show him they are good quality and that I can still sell.  If I’m unable to do that, there is no point in asking for help.

I also have a couple of guys in mind as being my first hire, and am planning on paying very high commission to hopefully convince them to come on board.  However, I’m getting ahead of myself.  June is THE month that will decide the future of my business.  It’s all going to come down to the next 4 and a half weeks.

I’m a little stressed, I’m a little nervous, but deep down inside I really think this is going to work and I think everything is going to be ok.  I’ve said it so many times and hate to be repetitive, but it just feels like its going to happen.  The leads are going to convert, and everything is going to be good.  I can’t explain why I feel this way but I just do…

Then, I’m on my way to making millions! 

Although one thing that I’ve been thinking more and more lately is how the money is of less importance then I initially thought.  Sure the money is going to be nice, but the feeling of owning/running a successful company is going to be priceless, and even if I’m earning less due to a contract renegotiation, it isn’t going to matter.  I’ll be happy because that feeling of accomplishment is going to be amazing.  Besides, I can still make my million dollars; it is just going to take a bit longer.  🙂  I think it’s just maturation on my part.  Before it was all about the money; now it’s about creating and building something much more then a bank account balance.

This Memorial Day weekend I’m just going to enjoy myself.  I really need to let loose a bit.  I’ve been so fucking stressed and the entire month of May I haven’t gone out once because of the strict budget I was on.  Sitting home with nothing but your thoughts when you have a business that isn’t going to well will turn you into a bitter/angry son of a bitch.  Social interaction is so important, especially for me because I’m a homebody as it is; so getting some of that this weekend is going to be nice.

I’ve said it before; your fate is what you make.  The month of June is going to make my fate – no question.

Enjoy your long weekend’s people.  Drive safe and spend time with your loved ones.

Best wishes.

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