What can I say? Things have been quiet

This past Saturday was decent.  I had a few good pitches and received several calls.  This order of leads is pretty much done, so its time to start closing some of these ongoing communications I have going on.  It’s going to be my goal the next couple of weeks to lock these people down.

I’m going to do my best to keep this blog as positive as possible.  Sometimes I just flip out and loose it when I’m not happy with my situation, and although it’s good to let it out, I still need to get into the habit of creating a positive spin out of any situation.

I spoke to my lead provider today and we have some exciting things in the works for these new leads.  I’m stoked about them and hope they workout.  He claims other companies are currently using them and closing quite well.  The price point is also much cheaper so I can order significantly more leads, which will amount to more business if the conversions are where they need to be.  Only issue is that it’s sort of complicated how they go about generating them.  They more or less create an entire platform just for you and it takes several weeks.  Because of this, its looking like I won’t receive these new leads until the second week of June, which leaves a lot of down time between now and then.  I have no clue what I’m going to do and how I’m going to maintain my sanity; basically it will be another 2 weeks of doing nothing.

I need to just focus on this week and bringing in business and I’ll worry about next week when it comes.  The only day that’s important is today.

“There is no tomorrow.” – Apollo Creed

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