Calm Rage

Like I’ve mentioned before, I go from 0-60 in 2.894 milliseconds flat.  I was feeling good earlier this week, and yesterday and today I just fucking lost it.

First issue was that the lead delivery and daily volume has been complete fucking shit.  I got 2 calls on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, and 1 on Wednesday (which was a return), so basically that means 0 calls on Wednesday.  I fucking went off on my lead provider because I just had enough of this fucking shit.

Not only that, but the leads are just not converting as well as I need them to and I’m the captain of a ship that’s slowly sinking.  If something doesn’t change fast I’m fucking done.

Then today, I had a jerkoff client that I signed up a month ago tell me he’s going to cancel.  I worked with this fucking piece of shit for several months, and he finally decided he wanted to sign up.  After he signed up, he deferred his first payment to a month later, then he called again in 30 days and straight up canceled.  I wanted to reach through the fucking phone and kick this cocksucker’s ass.

Look, I understand if you don’t want to do it, that’s not the issue.  It’s the fucking people that waste my goddamn time that set me off.  He should have just been upfront from the beginning so I didn’t spend several months tooling around with this douchebag.  On top of all of that, it was a bigger deal and not having it paying into my account definitely hurt.

Today is my second day this week of taking calls later in the evening so hopefully I’ll have some better luck.  Tomorrow (Friday), I’m off from delivery, but I will be taking calls on Saturday as well, so we’ll see how that works out also.

So I spoke to my lead guy today after going off on him yesterday and he said I was right and said he’s got some other things in the works that might help.  Cheaper leads that are converting well; however the last time I tried cheaper leads with him it was a complete shit show, so who the fuck knows.  I really don’t know what choice I have though because the inbound phone calls I’m getting are not converting high enough for me to keep purchasing them.

Something’s got to give here because I’m at the brink.  I will seriously fucking loose it if I don’t see some improvement soon.

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