Kicked it by the pool all day yesterday and I have a nice sunburn to show for it.  Glad I got that first burn out of the way so now I should be able to handle the sun a little bit better.  Seriously, how can you not love that pool?  It’s paradise and why I live in AZ.

After lying by the pool all day a buddy of mine gave me a call and wanted to hang out, so he came over and we had a few beers.  Glad we stayed here because it allowed me to save money and stay on budget.  He’s a younger guy, early 20’s and he just moved in with his girlfriend several months ago.  Well to make a long story short, he dropped a bomb on me.  He said that she was pregnant and they were having the kid.

He obviously needed someone to talk to about it and he said I was the first friend he told.  I basically was in complete shock because I do not think he is ready for a baby.  Not only that, but he hasn’t been dating this girl for that long.  I was giving him shit the last time we hung out because I thought he moved in with her way to fast, and now he’s having a child with her.

Anyways, I tried to be as supportive as I could without bullshitting him.  What’s even more fucked up is his boss closed her doors this past Friday, so he’s out of a job as well.  Naturally he was really stressed, but I told him that once he starts working again he’ll be ok.

He works in the same industry I do, and the company he worked for was fairly new.  The owner had two people on the phone and was in business for 6 months before she pulled the plug.  As fucked up as it sounds, this actually gave me a boost of confidence because I’ve been in business for close to a year now and I’m still pressing forward.  Granted, I’m not making a lot of money, but my bills are paid and things are moving in the right direction.  I feel sorry for my friend getting laid off like that, but otherwise it was a little morale boost for me.

I just have to keep fighting and keep pushing forward and I can’t ever give up.  If I give up, I’ll just be like my friends boss.  I will never be that.  I’m going to be a millionaire or die trying.

It’s mother’s day, make sure you all call your mothers and tell them you love them.

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