Sunday night, May 2nd – back on facebook

Yesterday I reactivated a facebook account that I literally have not logged into for 2 years.  Needless to say it was incredible to shoot the shit with buddies I haven’t seen or talked to in years.  Guys I went to college and high school with are now married, some have kids.  It’s absolutely incredible how life goes on…

I miss them all so much, and can’t wait until I make my triumphant return back east.  I made a promise to myself that I’d never return home a failure.

I originally deleted my account because being a business owner I didn’t want people looking me up on there, but I decided to reopen it and just keep it private so the only people that can view it are friends.

Eventually I’ll link my blog and my facebook page together but that will happen later.

I’m going to do some cardio in a bit, then just chill for the remainder of the evening.  Not really sure what I’m going to do next week seeing as though I won’t start leads again until the second week of May, so this upcoming week is going to be extremely slow.  Hopefully I can close a few deals that I have cooking from ongoing communication.

Btw, I found “crack head’s paradise” on Saturday.  BIG LOTS!

I posted earlier how my caffeine addiction is similar to that of a crack addict.  It’s to the point that I don’t even give a shit what brand of energy drink I’m drinking.  As long as is has caffeine, I’m down.

Well, me being the idiot that I am, has been severely overpaying for these fuckers all along!  I was at Big Lots on Saturday and they were selling 24ct cases, yes CASES of energy drinks for fuckin 7 bucks!  7 DOLLARS!!  That’s less than 30 cents a fuckin’ can.  And here I am paying 2 for $3 or 2 for $4 at the local gas station.  FUCK THAT!

You all have no idea how excited I was to find this little goldmine.  It’s going to save me a shitload of money.  So I bought 3 cases, 72 energy drinks, for $21.  LOL, I’m set for the month, and these aren’t the little lame-ass red bull sized cans; they are the big dogs – 16oz.  🙂

So that was the highlight of my weekend. 

I need to close some damn deals this month!  I’m sick of these baby steps!


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