Fuck the haters

Something happened Tuesday with one of my coworkers that really pissed me off, although I did a good job of not letting her know it really bothered me.

I was printing up a label to mail out some documents to a potential client and while I was doing that another coworker was by the printer getting some shit.  She stopped and talked to me for a bit and out of nowhere asked me;


“Have you ever though about getting a job, not in sales?  So you could make more money.”


Hearing this stopped me dead in my tracks because a completely different coworker asked me something similar several weeks ago about getting another job, so the fact that someone else asked that made me immediately think that they are all talking about my “apparent lack of success” behind my back.  Yes things have been going slow, yes I’m not making much money, but I won’t fucking give up and sometimes it only takes a couple of big deals to put you over the top.


Whether or not there was some underlying meaning to her statement, my mind went crazy analyzing it over the course of the day.  Do they want me out of this office?  Are they pissed that I haven’t been bringing in much business?  Are they going to ask me to get out soon?  Etc…


I basically responded to her;


“No, why would I do that?  I own my company, I do what I want and I’ve invested too much money to give up on it,” and walked away.


Now the more I thought about this the more I realized I was completely over reacting.  I’m sure the girls in the office were talking about “what is he doing all day in there” type shit and rightfully so.  I’m in my office for 8+ hours a day and only bringing in 5-6 deals a month; however that’s because I’m only getting 30-60 leads per month.  So the lacking production is due to a lack of leads.  My conversions are where they need to be and that’s what’s important.


Also, our office is fairly large and I’m taking up one small corner office and that’s it.  It will be awhile before there would ever be a situation where they “need this space” so as long as the space isn’t being used; there shouldn’t be any issue with me being here.


I was reminded of the lyrics from a Hatebreed song, “Facing what consumes you;”


Your doubt, it fuels me

Your hate, it drives me

Your doubt it just makes me

You make me fight harder


This is the type of shit that really lights a fire under my ass.  I can’t wait to prove all these people wrong.  I can’t fucking wait.


Wednesday was actually a good day as far as work was concerned and although I didn’t bring in any deals I was busy, so I’m hoping that translates into a couple of deals today.


People that don’t know shit, talking shit.  Ironic isn’t it?


Fuck them.

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