Wally World and my covered parking spot – Friday night excitement!

I went to Walmart during my lunch break to pick up some miscellaneous shit I’ve been putting off for like a month now.  I needed a picture frame for the longest time so I could hang my business license in my office.  It’s supposed to be “conspicuously” displayed so that if someone comes by to check to see if your shit is legit, they can see it easily.  For the last year that I’ve been in business that shit has been sitting on my refrigerator in my office, constantly getting blow off onto the floor by the air conditioning vent.  Every morning I would get to work and pick that shit up off the floor and put it back on my fridge, and today I finally broke down and hung that shit up, LOL. 

Anyways, it looks good.  Professional and whatnot…

Walmart is fucking crazy though.  That place is like a damn circus.  Every time I go there it’s absolutely packed.  It could be fucking 2am and that shit will be bumpin!  I don’t get it.  Btw, I got an interesting psychological experiment for you.  Next time you go to Walmart, check and see if they have baskets easily accessible.  The Super Walmart by my office doesn’t even have baskets.  You can only get a cart.  I think they set that shit up that way because if someone is going there just to pick up a couple of things, they will feel weird having 2 or 3 items in that large shopping cart, forcing them subconsciously to purchase more shit, so their cart appears more “full.”

Or maybe I’m just fucking crazy?

So work went well, and I ended up closing that 1 deal I wanted to close today, so I finished my week off with 3 deals.  Leads start up again next week and I’m feeling good.  Left the office and came back to my apartment and some motherfucker in a minivan parked in my damn parking spot!  The nerve on this son of a bitch!

I brushed it off at first because I was only stopping by the change quick and to grab a bite to eat before heading out again to go to the gym.  So I went to the gym and worked out and came back and that motherfucker was still in my spot!

I was thinking at first that maybe he just parked in my spot real quick because he had to run in and grab something and would be out right away, but obviously that wasn’t the case.

Now if I wanted to be an asshole I could have had his shit towed, but I figured I’d be mature about the shit.  I put a post-it on his windshield.

“Covered spots are reserved, please do not park in my spot again. – thx”

If he does, it’s fuckin on…

Now I’m home heating up some leftover chicken and I’ll watch some TV and hit the sack.  Got to love my crazy life right?!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and next week.  Tomorrow I’m going to make a big pot of my pasta sauce because I’m out and that shit is bomb.  Takes all day to cook, but once its ready it tastes fucking incredible.  Also not sure if I’m going to kick it by the pool or not; it just depends on my mood when I wake up.

Enjoy your weekend’s peeps…

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