One call close today!  Always puts me in a good mood when I have a one call close.  Nothing feels better then bringing in business on a day when you didn’t have any appointments lined up and were not expecting anything.  So that’s 1 deal yesterday and 1 deal today.  I’ve got to keep this momentum going!

I also made sure to refill my lead order so there would be no lags or delays.  So everything will continue onward next week as normal.  I also spoke to my lead guy and he admittedly stated that he cut my volume to try and stretch the order out.  He knows my situation and wanted the order to last as long as possible.  Regardless, I told him I wasn’t busy enough, so during the refill I’m going to need a little more volume on a daily basis and he agreed.

Last night I got a random call from a buddy who was getting out of work late and asked me if I wanted to grab a beer.

“Sure, why the hell not?”

So we went to a local sushi joint that’s generally always bumpin’.  Only thing that sucked was we just missed happy hour so beers were fucking expensive.  We had one round, then went to another bar and had another round before he dropped me off at my place.

It was good to see him and catch up.  Haven’t talked or chilled with my boy in awhile so it was nice to see that he was doing well.

Its 3:45pm right now and I only get calls until 4:30pm, so I probably will get out of the office a little after 4:30.  I’m going to head straight to the gym from here, throw around some weights, then back to my place.

I’m in a fucking awesome mood right now.  It’s so hard to relate too unless you’ve worked commission only sales before.  When you are closing deals it’s almost euphoric and you’re on cloud 9.  When you’re not you get depressed as hell and feel like shit.

I’m beginning to remember why I got involved in this business in the first place, so now I just have to keep up the pace.

Peace out cub scouts.

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