Monday morning, bright and early

I’m here in the office and phone calls should start within the next 15 minutes.

Since I’m only getting 4-6 calls a day, hopefully today will be good quality calls.  Because volume is so little, you can go days with nothing but shit calls, then you’ll have a day where all of the calls are excellent and everything gets balanced out.  However, I like to start the week on a good note, and I’m hoping that’s how things go.

Right now I have close to 4k of monthly sales going into my account, and my goal for the last several months was to surpass 5k.  I’ve been stuck at the high 3’s for several months now and its driving me insane.  Once I get over 5k, then things will be much easier to swallow.  After 5k then 6k and so on, but I have a feeling that the other dollar amounts will come easier once I surpass the 5k mark.

I won’t be able to hire someone until I get 10k, or close to that, going into my account every month, and my goal is to do that within the next 3 to 4 months.  It’s amazing how fast this number will go up once I get other people on the phone.  The goal is to have net 100k going into my account, and although that might seem astronomical now, it’s fairly standard later on when I have 5 to 10 additional guys closing deals.

I’m doing my best to stay focused and to stay positive.  It’s so close.  So close.

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