So it’s April 1st

April fools day as so many call it and a fresh start for another 30 days.  The good thing about sales is that you basically live from month to month.  So if your previous month was shit, it all starts over at the beginning of a new month.  My last month was not shit by any means, but it still was not 100% what I wanted.  Hopefully things will go a little better in April.

Time to reset your mindset. 

Any negative thoughts or issues need to be eliminated entirely; time to focus on the positive.  Also, it’s good to set goals for yourself.  At the beginning of every month I write down 4-5 goals that I want to achieve that month and I post them on my bedroom wall at home, so when I go to bed at night, there are my goals, and when I wake up in the morning, there they are again.  It constantly reminds me of what I’m trying to do and what I’m trying to achieve.

One thing I’m planning on focusing on this month is just getting into the habit of dressing nicer for work.  I’ll admit one of the perks to being self employed is being able to just roll out of bed and come to the office.  No one can give me shit about it because I’m my own boss; however I’m going to live by the motto “dress for success” this month to see if it helps at all with my production.  The reason why I figured I’d give it a shot is because on the few days that I did dress a little nicer at work, I just felt better about myself.  Regardless of whether or not I generated additional business on those days, it felt good to have an increased feeling of confidence.

They say “the clothes make the man” but I do not feel that’s entirely true.  I think the clothes make the mold for the man and it’s up to the man to fill that mold how he chooses.

For example, if I’m baking sugar cookies for Christmas and I pick up some Santa cookie cutters and other Christmas themes, it still matters what I fill those cookie cutters with.  If I take a cutter shaped like Santa and fill it with a slab of dog shit, well guess what?

Now I have a piece of dog shit shaped like Santa, not a sugar cookie that looks attractive and delicious.  Get my point?

Btw, how the fuck I just came up with that example is beyond me.  I’m fucking weird like that.

I worked out during my lunch break again today and have some calls to make in a bit.  Hopefully I’ll close a deal tonight and start off the month strong.  Then tomorrow is Friday and the weekend awaits before the start of a new week and my inbound TV calls.

So what’s the point of this post?

Don’t be the dog shit Santa cookie.  Be the Santa sugar cookie with frosting and sprinkles.


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