Monthly wrap-up, a day early

Last lead order was shit, so I pulled the plug on it.  Today I placed an order for another batch of TV leads, so hopefully I’ll convert these better then the last batch.  Only issue is I won’t be able to constantly refill, so if things are going good, I can refill once, then that’s it until May.  Sucks, but oh well.

I said at the beginning of March that I needed a breakout month, and although I wouldn’t call this month “break out,” it’s the best month I’ve had in awhile and it’s a step in the right direction.  Unfortunately it’s still nowhere near what I need it to be just yet…

During my lunch, I decided to head to the gym for a workout.  I’ve been slacking lately and combine that with a shitty diet and I look like hell.  It’s getting hot outside and I need to be getting back into shape.  I’m not going to be taking my shirt off at the pool looking like an asshole.  No more chicken pot pies, and no more cheap frozen shit.  I’m going to bite the bullet and buy some decent goddamn groceries.  If I end up going broke, at least I’ll look good and if worse comes to worst I’ll just become a male stripper. 

Fuck it.

Anyways, it was definitely a good idea.  It breaks up the monotony of my day and allows me to get outside this damn office for a little bit.  Normally I’m sitting here staring at a computer screen for 10-12hrs a day and that shit can wear you down; especially if you are working shitty leads and not bringing in business.  Once I start the TV calls, I won’t be able to leave, but when I get someone else here on the phone I think I’m going to make the afternoons my new workout time.

I used to train at night after work but lately it’s been to fucking hard.  I’m just too tired from my day and the last thing I want to do is lift some iron for an hour after sitting in my office from 7 to 7.  Breaking it up in the day is nice, and I’m also more motivated when I come back to work.  I’m ready to get on the phone and to close some deals.

So the remainder of this week is going to be lame.  I’ll wrap up calling these garbage leads, and pray to god that I can at least close a deal or two from this batch so its not a total loss, then things should get rocking and rolling again next week.  It looks like I’m going to live and die by these TV leads but I really have no choice.  They are expensive, but they are the only leads that are converting right now.

I can’t wait for the day when I have several guys on the phone in here, the phones are ringing, and we’re kicking ass bringing in business.  It’s going to be great.

Btw, how fuckin stupid of a name is SLAP for an energy drink anyways?  Maybe if it were called “bitch-slap” or “pimp-slap” that would be badass, but just plain ol’ SLAP?

Think about it, you’re at your local gas station scanning through their energy drink selection and you see a bright can with the words “PIMP SLAP” on it.  Try and tell me you wouldn’t buy that shit just out of sheer curiosity.

I need to stop hatin’ on SLAP so damn much, but I’m reminded of their retardedness (is that a word?) almost daily when I drink one.

One last thing about the heat.  It’s comfortable now, but come summer time, it’s fucking brutal in AZ.  “They say it’s a dry heat,” my ass!  120 degrees is fucking hot, I don’t give a shit if it’s dry, wet or whatever.  I find myself thinking more and more about the California coast and can’t wait to get out there.  I’m planning a short vacation this upcoming fall to check out some areas, and once I start making bank, I’m buying a fucking house there.  Whether it is in Santa Barbara, Carmel, or Monterey, I don’t give a fuck.  I’m going to be living at the central coast of CA or die trying.


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