Sometimes things are just meant to be

I mentioned earlier how I’ve been contemplating meeting up with an old employee of mine to discuss a possible job opportunity.  I’ve actually been thinking about talking it over with him for awhile but never really jumped on it.  Yesterday I figured what the hell, so I texted him and met him out for a beer after work.  We bullshitted and began talking about his job and my company and things basically progressed from there.

He is currently making over 60k a year, but he told me he was a temp, and no matter what, he would be laid off by October of this year and he said it could be even sooner then that.  This was surprising to me because I was under the impression that he had a full time job and was locked in, but that wasn’t the case.  He also mentioned how his job is mentally draining and he really isn’t enjoying it.  He said he sits in a cube all day, and doesn’t talk to anyone.  By the sound of things, it looked like he was ready for a change.

I began talking to him about my company and how things were going.  I mentioned that I found a great lead source and I needed to hire someone to be my right hand man to take this thing to the next level.  I told him I always liked his attitude at our previous employer and I liked how he was good on the phone.  I mentioned how I couldn’t offer him a base, and he would NOT be making as much as he’s currently making right now, but he would come on board with the notion that he would eventually get promoted to management, in which case he’d be making some good money, 100k+.

Now the whole reason why I kept putting off talking to him was that I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to buy enough leads to keep him and myself busy, and I didn’t want to hire someone and just have them sit there waiting for the phone to ring. 

Before even meeting with him I called my lead provider and asked him how late he could send me leads and he said until 7-8pm PST, but he would confirm and get back to me.  My thought process was that maybe I could convince him to work for me part-time at night, have my leads sent later in the day, which would solve all of my problems.  It would allow me to get someone else here on the phone, I wouldn’t need as much leads to keep him busy, and it would allow him to try out the leads to see that the quality is in fact “there,” before committing to a full-time position.  It also would limit his risk because he would not be giving up his day job and he would know that his bills are covered.

Now I didn’t mention any of this to him when we were talking, I just was feeling him out at this point.  Eventually he asks me, “Well can you get leads for someone to come part-time?  It sounds like that would be ideal.”  I almost fucking shit myself, because that’s exactly what I was thinking prior to this meeting, but NEVER mentioned anything about it to him.

After he asked, I said that was exactly what I was thinking, and if we could work something out where he could come work for me for a few hours at night, start closing a couple of deals here and there, and test out the leads himself.  Once he builds a pipeline and we build momentum, he can come over full time, without losing the base salary of his day gig.  I could even get some inbound calls on Saturdays if he was willing to put in a few hours.  Needless to say he sounded very interested.  I told him to think about it and to let me know either way, but I think I convinced him to come on board.

I basically told him; “look it’s a no-brainer for you.  You get a second job, earning some extra side cash, and you can make sure things are going the way you want them to go without taking the risk of quitting your job first.  Not only that, but you will eventually be promoted to management and be making a hell of a lot more then you are making now.  The only down fall is that you will be busy while you are working both jobs and it may get difficult, but to me it sounds worth it.  Absolute worst case scenario, you do it for a couple of months, decide it’s not for you, and we part ways as friends.  In the meantime you made a couple extra bucks and you made me some money by signing up some clients.”

His response; “You’re right.  And things are tight for me financially right now and I’m just starting to get back on my feet, so I could some extra savings anyways.”

I couldn’t fucking believe it.  So even though he didn’t say right then and there, “I’m in,” I think it’s pretty much a done deal.

I’ve been putting off hiring someone for awhile now because I kept telling myself that the business wasn’t ready yet, but the bottom line is that things will probably never be 100% ready.  Sometimes you have to push the envelope a bit to get shit done, and this sounds like the perfect situation.

Even better is that I got my tax refund this morning, so I have money for leads.  I’m still waiting on my state tax return, but my federal was my big one, so things are looking great!

I’m fuckin super stoked right now.  Hopefully come April, I’ll have my first employee on the phone with me hustling and building this company!

Right now I have to focus on finishing this month strong and signing up as many people as I can going into April, the more EFT’s I can build, the less of a financial impact it will be buying leads for 2 people instead of 1.

The tides are turning!!!

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