Book Review: The Dream: How I learned the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and made millions by Gurbaksh Chahal

I really enjoyed this book!  It was a quick read and I found myself smiling at certain parts while reading it.  Gurbaksh or “G” as his friends call him in the book, describes his life as a child and teenager moving to the United States from India.  His mother and father worked extremely hard to provide a good life for him and the rest of his family.  He explained how his father would have numerous tirades when his children would upset him…

“Do you have any idea the sacrifices me and your mother have made for this family?!”

I found it quite hilarious picturing a guy with a heavy Indian accent yelling in this fashion.

While growing up, he watched his father bust his ass and struggle and it obviously affected him.  As a teenager he started his own company while going to school and at 16 years old, he had a business that was generating over 100k a year in sales.  With the consent of his father he dropped out of high school and began working for his company full time.

Eventually he built the company to the point where he sold it for millions.  After the sale of his first business, he took several years off before starting his second company.  He later sold that company for several hundred million dollars and he is currently working on his third business venture.

Although he does provide tips on things that can help you achieve financial success, they are few and far between.  The book is a simple story of how he did it and the things he learned along the way.  It is not a “guide” or “training manual” on how to get rich, but rather a fun description of what he was able to achieve at quite a young age, and how he dealt with various obstacles during his journey.

This book is definitely worth picking up and reading in my opinion.

The Dream

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