Boredom round 2

Initially, I was thinking I was going to be able to refill my lead orders without and delays but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.  I’m pretty much at the mercy of the IRS and when they decide to give me my fuckin income tax return.  Until then, I have no money to invest on leads.

I can’t begin to describe how frustrating this is.  I was starting to build momentum and starting to close deals, and if I cannot continue with my lead orders everything is going to come to a screeching halt.  I’m expecting a few more deals this week, but other then that, nothing.

So what the hell should I do in the meantime?  There is no point in me calling a lead I’ve already tried contacting 50 times.  I can only watch so many pointless videos on YouTube.  I can only stare at my projection charts for so long…

I’m open to suggestions because this is fuckin brutal.  Even with my minimal lead volume thus far this month, I’m hoping to generate enough sales to start my epic upward spiral towards wealth and fortune!  January and February were disasters, so this month needed to be better, and so far it’s starting to shape up that way.

Looks like it will be another couple of weeks of leaving the office early unless I get my refund.

Lately I’ve been contemplating meeting up with an old employee of mine to discuss future career opportunities with him.  He was good at sales and a hard worker when we worked together.  I’m thinking about reaching out to him about being my first hire, with the intention of promoting him to management once this company grows.  Only issue is that he has a job right now paying a decent salary, so he might have some reservations about giving that up for a commission only gig.  I would not be able to pay him a base until the company is more established.  The good thing is that he would be making a hell of a lot more working for me as a sales manager then he ever would earn at his current employer.  However, it would be a pay cut initially, and he might not be able to deal with that depending on his financial situation.

Normally I’d just wait until I knew I could hire him, but I’m thinking that if I talk to him now about it and let him know that the position should be available in a few months, it will allow him time to save his money so that the transition won’t be as stressful financially.  Who knows what the fuck I’m going to do at this point?  My mind wanders when I have nothing to do.

I’m going crazy right now… 

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