Friday night and 57 cent chicken pot pies

So it’s Friday night and my official work week is over, even though I’m going to be in the office tomorrow for a couple of hours.  So far I closed 2 deals from these leads and have 2 more lined up.  I don’t see any problem with me closing at 15%-20% so I’m super stoked.  Only issue thus far is that the deals are smaller, so I’m making less money off of them, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.  A deal is a deal.

Also, I was expecting on getting my income tax return sometime this month and have yet to receive it.  This is a huge blow because I’m planning on using that money to refill my order.  If I don’t get it, then I can’t refill, in which case I’ll be bored as hell at work until I have enough money to order leads again.  It’s looking like my order is going to run out on Monday or Tuesday.  Hopefully I’ll get my refund next week, or at least get enough cash together so I can refill without a delay.  Momentum is huge in sales and I want to keep it going.

Other than that, my plans are to do absolutely nothing this weekend.  I’m flat fucking broke right now living off of those mini frozen chicken pot pies they sell in the grocery store.  They go for anywhere between 57-65 cents each.  They don’t taste too bad, but fuck I can’t wait until I start making some money.  I’d like to be able to buy REAL groceries for once and cook/eat some decent fucking food.

I’ve perfected shopping on a budget.  Give me 20-30 bucks and I’ll buy groceries for a week, no problem.  It won’t be the best food in the world, but at least I won’t starve.  Right now that’s kind of the “survival mode” I’m in.  I can feel that I’m right at the brink of this thing exploding.  I’m so fucking close and can’t wait until it happens.  I’ve more or less been broke as hell since 2007 and have paid my fucking dues.  I’m ready to earn some good money and to live the good life; enough is enough already.

March 12th, 2010, Friday night.  St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend.  I’m sure everyone will be at the bars getting wasted having a good time, and I’ll be sitting at home saving my pennies.  Tonight I’m going to eat dinner, then head to the supermarket to get my groceries for the week.  Watch a little TV and hit the sack.  Have to be at the office tomorrow at 9am to hopefully sign up another prospect.

I keep telling myself that all of these sacrifices will be worth it.  They fucking better be.

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