You are selling yourself, everything else is trivial

In sales or any business, the most important thing is your connection with the person you are trying to do business with.  Everything else is irrelevant.  Be sincere, don’t lie, don’t be pushy, and be friendly.  From that point forward, the ball is out of your court.

Why the hell am I talking about this?

Last night I finally closed my first deal from this new batch of leads I’m getting.  Initially the client told me that they were already signed up in another program almost identical to ours.  Same fee’s, same structure, everything.  I explained our services and actually told the client that if they felt comfortable with the company they were with, they should do the program with them.  They said they weren’t overly comfortable and thanked me for my honesty.  They also said they would get back to me the next day and let me know either way what they wanted to do.

The next day came and they said they wanted to sign up with me, I said great and got them all set up.

This morning, the other company, in desperation of trying to save the deal, cut their fee’s 5%, which amounts to $1,000.00 savings.  They called me up and explained what happened.  At this point in time I figured, “fuck, I lost that deal” because our fees are not negotiable and there was no way I could match that price drop.  Again I told them I would understand if they wanted to stay with the company they were originally signed up with because I could not match that fee.  They said they would get back to me.

The client called back an hour later and said they were sticking with us.  Now I’ll admit, this is not a common occurrence, but had I been a douche bag to this client for any reason, that would have been a deal that was lost.  Instead, the client was willing to pay us more money, for the exact same service.

Case and point; for whatever reason, they felt more comfortable with me.  They said the other company was pushy; their customer service was not answering the phone, etc.  To them, that was not worth the $1,000.00 price drop that the other company was willing to give them.

Sell yourself, not the product.  If the client buys into you, they will buy whatever you’re selling.

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